MDSUN Skin Care


The MDSUN product range goes to the heart of anti-aging concerns, using deluxe quality products and treatment protocols to replenish the skin on a cellular level, nourishing its deep tissue and improving its hydration, elasticity, and collagen.

The formula’s richly concentrated Ultrapack complexes, Liposome technology, and serum-based delivery work to address and correct a number of skin care concerns, including dryness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Each product is perfected through rigorous R & D and QA processes and is a cornerstone of Dr. George Sun’s skin care and treatment philosophy.

Brand Story

MDSUN Skin Care, Inc. was founded by the award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. George Sun, in 2001. 

When Dr. Sun began developing the MDSUN line, he drew upon his extensive background as an aesthetic plastic surgeon and a biochemist. Each MDSUN product features a custom formulated base, designed with specialized ingredients that provide clinical efficacy and long-term improvement in the look and feel of skin. 

At the same time, MDSUN products are mild enough to for use on sensitive skin over a lifetime. MDSUN products do not require a peeling or acclimation phase in order to enhance the appearance of skin. They are safe to use pre- or post-treatment, or in conjunction with surgical procedures.

A Lifetime Commitment To Beautiful Skin.

The entire line is dedicated to promoting and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin for life.

Each product in this distinctive collection features superbly crafted, serum-based formulas, containing high concentrations of actives, including medical grade, FDA-approved medical grade ingredients such as stem cells, peptides, vitamins, natural supplements, and anti-oxidants, to deliver its promise of skin that is immediately and visibly improved, with renewed overall health and vitality.  

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