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Acne & Blemish Prone

Use products that control oil secretion and diminish the look of pores

Excessive secretion by sebaceous glands contributes to the oily appearance of the skin; facial skin may have a rough, uneven texture with visibly large pores. Improper care for oily skin may also result in blocked pores which are prone to acne, pimples, pustules, or other conditions.

Recommendation for care:

  1. Maintain clean skin. Remove makeup and use appropriate cleansing gel to treat the appearance of oily skin.
  2. Select skin care products that focus on balancing skin conditions and soothing irritation.
  3. Cleanse skin while retaining natural moisture. Regular exfoliation is also important to maintain optimal skin health important for regenerating skin cells and calming overactive sebaceous glands.
  4. Optional use of a brightening agent may also reduce melanin production as well as the appearance of visible acne scars.
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