The Debate About the Benefits of Red Wine

You’ve probably heard that a little bit of tippling each day is good for you. That’s probably what you tell yourself every time you sit down with the bottle. Pour yourself a glass and sit back. We’re going to take a peek at some of the science behind the age old debate: Is red wine […]

Your Fingernails Reflect Your Diet

You probably only think about your fingernails when you break one, or when all of your friends are admiring the colorful result of your latest trip to the nail salon. Beautiful nails definitely seem to be a contributor to stature. Your nails come in handy when you need to peel apart a sticker, or separate […]

Tips to Show Off Your Beautiful Skin

The trend these days is to embrace your natural self. More and more people are electing to go with the natural look, instead of covering up their beautiful skin with makeup. One study from the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology indicated that people highly prefer photos of people wearing less makeup. It indicated that society, […]

Taking Care of Yourself While You Play Outside This Summer

School’s out, sun’s up. Beach days are here! Now is the time everyone’s flocking to the sandy shores, lounging by the pool, falling asleep on a deck chair with a good book, weeding the garden, and tailgating those summer concerts. These are the gloriously bright days you’ve been dreaming of all year long and you […]