End of Summer Blues: What Can You Do to Feel Better

There’s almost nothing worse than knowing that summer has come to a close.

Even if you’ve worked through the summer and don’t have any kids of your own, the sight of school buses hauling children off to their first weeks of school isn’t a happy sight.

(Well, unless you do have kids of your own and you’re glad to see them off in exchange for some peace and quiet!)

The beginning of summer gives hope and a sense of new adventures around every corner. It holds the promise of relaxing vacations, exciting excursions to enjoy, and outdoor fun to be had.

But the end of summer signifies a time when your nose is to the grindstone, impending colder weather is on the way, and you’re more than likely feeling trapped inside more than you’d like to. Even if you still have some time in your pocket to visit attractions, you’re now finding that they’re closing their gates and locking up for the season.

You can beat those end of summer blues with a little courage and determination. . . . and a plan!

You’ll never get through the tough times if you don’t focus on the positives!

Look Forward to Fall

What better way to get over what is over than to look forward to the next fun thing?!

A bit cheeky to say that so soon, is it not? But it’s the truth! What better way to get over what is over than to look forward to the next fun thing?!

Too many people allow themselves to fall into the ‘fall slump.’ They waste so much time and energy moping their way through fall because to them, fall is nothing more than a segue into dreary winter weather. You’ve got to stop looking at it like that!

Fall, itself, holds a vast array of fabulous things to enjoy and festivals to partake in! Don’t deny yourself that fun, just because you’re sad you had to pack your bathing suit away. Look in your area for Fall Festivals, Apple Festivals, or Carnivals. They abound!

Even if Halloween isn’t really your thing, the local pumpkin farms often offer fabulous decorating fuel that can lend a little spice to the same-old-same-old you’ve been looking at in your house since last Christmas. Autumn colors are incredibly warm and inviting. Take a how-to class to learn how to create a fabulous centerpiece or wreath from fall vines and leaves. Decorate with gourds and pumpkins.

Change Your Routine

Change your routine! Nothing gets you going and feeling more inspired than switching things up a bit.

I’m not talking about the obvious. You let the kids sleep in until noon all summer, and now you have to battle them to get up early enough to make it out the door in time for the bus.

Change your routine! Nothing gets you going and feeling more inspired than switching things up a bit. A changing of the seasons is a great time to do it.

Add a morning yoga practice into your day, or follow through with your nine-months-past New Year Resolution to take the dog for a walk every evening. Bake something new once a week and look forward to digging in. . .or passing it along to friends… or sharing it with neighbors you don’t know very well. What a great way to break the ice and start a potential friendship!

Pick up a new hobby that inspires you. If you’ve always wanted to learn a craft, start now. . .it’ll keep you motivated and you’ll have a great lineup of Christmas presents when the season comes around in just a couple of short months. Learn to play a musical instrument. The weather is starting to wane, anyway. You might as well make the best of your time stuck inside.

Don’t forget to change up your skincare routine, too. As the weather changes, so do your skincare needs.  

Plan Ahead

Yeah, that seems a little bit, well, ambitious. But if you really like summer that much, you may as well make the most of the evil “other” time and plan for next year!

Some vacations like an overseas excursion or a trip to Disney World take months of strategic planning if they are to be done right and celebrated in their fullest potential. Keep your spirits up during the colder months by sitting down with the family on a weekly basis and formulating your plan. Get everyone’s input, figure the day’s you’ll need to take off work (and count them down on your calendar!). If you’ll be traveling on a budget, this type of planning is even more important. Make sure next year’s vacation is really one for the record books.

Reflect Back on the Summer

find a creative way to preserve your summer memories forever

Without spending too much energy being saddened by the ending to your favorite time of year, reflect back on the parts that really made you happy. Better yet, find a creative way to preserve your summer memories forever.

Make a scrapbook, shadow box, or collage that celebrates what you did and how you felt through the summer. Include photos, ticket stubs, and other mementos to help document the summer. If you have kids, get them involved. Be sure to put it in a visible place to remind yourself of the fun that you experienced. This may just become your new end-of-summer ritual!

If you’re still having trouble dealing with the change of season after all of that, it may be time to talk to a professional.