Organizing Your Vanity

When you’re over-tired from a busy weekend and didn’t get enough sleep last night because the baby was up with a belly ache, the last thing you need to be doing as you’re scrambling at the last minute to get yourself out the door is be searching for your favorite eyeliner amidst the mess and muck of your disorganized bathroom vanity.

There’s nothing worse than a disorganized vanity. But if you’ve been doing it this way for years, chances are you’re stuck in a rut, unable to free yourself from the clutter.

Get over it! We’re here to help you clean up the clutter and organize your vanity to make it look pretty and provide you with plenty of function!

Here’s what you do. . . .

Get Out of the Bathroom

storing your makeup in the bathroom is actually a really bad idea.

OK, so your bathroom feels like a really convenient place to perform your morning ritual. There are outlets located right next to the mirror to accommodate your hair dryer, wand, and straightener, a sink to make it easy to fix major smudges, and typically a lot more counter space.

The truth is that storing your makeup in the bathroom is actually a really bad idea. The steam from your hot shower means death to your expensive products. Exposing your face creams, foundations, or lipsticks to that tropical climate is the perfect way to shorten their lifespan and decrease their effectiveness. To make them last longer, store them in a cool, dry place.

Find a Place Of Your Own

Getting out of the bathroom means finding a place of your own. Opt for a location that offers plenty of natural light for flawless makeup application. That’ll give you the best idea of what your face really looks like before you walk out the front door. Make sure you consider where the sun usually hits at the time you’re typically getting ready! Surround yourself with white walls to reflect the natural light from the room.

Make sure you’re happy with your workbench – er – vanity. You can choose from a million designs out there already complete with attached mirror, or go thrifting and refinish an old desk for the occasion. The important thing is you’re happy with the size and storage.

Don’t Be Afraid To Toss Things

While you’re carrying everything from your bathroom to your newfound glamor corner, you might as well make a pit stop at the garbage bin. There is no need to keep that bottle of dried-up mascara, the 3 cases of rusty and bent bobby pins, and turned-to-dust eyeshadow you haven’t touched for years. It’s ok. We give you permission to toss them! Out the window if you have to.


There is absolutely no reason to have every single piece of makeup you own on top of your vanity.

There is absolutely no reason to have every single piece of makeup you own on top of your vanity. None. Chances are you only bring out the electric blue eyeshadow for special occasions – once in a blue moon, probably? So tuck it away from sight for safekeeping. Leave the valued desktop space for the items that you use the most. Your everyday palette and brushes.

In addition, some of your, well, junkier items could do to be out of sight, as well. No one (including you) needs to see your finger nail clippers or your old eyelash curler. That vanity that you were so excited about because it had so many cute little drawers? Yup. This is exactly what all those cute little drawers were designed for.

Brushes Up

Keep your brushes neat and organized by utilizing cups, mugs, votive holders, or other chic modes of storage

Keep your brushes neat and organized by utilizing cups, mugs, votive holders, or other chic modes of storage. Fill a glass jar with beads, beans, or coffee beans to help them stand up separately. Or hang a few tins or baskets next to your vanity for on-the-wall display.

If you’re feeling really organizationally-minded, try separating your brushes by function. Powder brushes, blending brushes, and stippling brushes can all have their own spot. Take it one step further by keeping a separate holder close by for dirty brushes awaiting cleaning so you don’t get confused in your pre-coffee stupor.

Make It Make Sense

Align the top of your vanity in a way that makes the most sense to you. You’re the one that has to use it every day. If you’re using a free-stand mirror and are right-handed, place the mirror on your left. That makes it easy to continue gazing into the mirror while you reach for products with your dominant hand.

Store those table-top items in clear lucite containers or in ways that are easy to see. You’re never going to use what you can’t find, and you can’t find what you can’t see. Place your items in front of you in the order that you typically use them to help you save time and thought.

Small Boxes Further Break It Down

For everything that you don’t use on a daily basis, store them in smaller boxes and bins inside your vanity drawers. Things will stay safe, clean, and untangled.

Make Way For Pretty

While we’ve been at it paring things down to make room, save space, and increase your morning efficiency, we definitely don’t want to forget to make room for some pretty. Store your favorite polishes in a clear jar. Showcase those pretty perfume bottles on an antique cake stand (also making way for room underneath). Add little bits of your personality to the mix. Studies suggest that keeping a few non-beauty trinkets in plain sight can ignite inspiration and improve your overall happiness.

Now let’s get to organizing!