MDSUN Skin Care


Use products that provide deep hydration and moisture

Dry skin is prone to the formation of wrinkles due to low moisture content and particularly at the thinner layers of your skin. Reduced sebum secretion contributes to the appearance of dullness.

Due to lack of moisture, skin is more easily irritated and sensitive to inflammation. Skin appears thin and tight with wrinkling, dark spots, and freckles. Cold weather contributes to the appearance of peeling, scaly skin.

  1. Avoid excessive cleansing of the face. The corneum layer is particularly delicate. Emphasize skin hydration.
  2. Choose products to repair moisture loss and which are nutritional to the skin.
  3. Moderately massage the face, increase circulation and other activities to promote skin regeneration and prevent aging.
  4. Avoid the sun, cold winds, and sleeping with makeup on.
  5. Use adequate sunscreen protection to avoid excessive dark spots.
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