MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener Review

If you’ve tried everything for wrinkles and still have a few stubborn ones — or are doing everything in your power to prevent wrinkles in the future — then look no further than MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener. With an unprecedentedly high concentration of 17 peptidesvitamin C as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (the second ingredient on the list), and longtime favorites like kinetin and resveratrolMDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener is a sensational, one-of-a-kind wrinkle reducer. I personally am using it every night directly after cleansing and toning nowadays, and I think it’s working very well. For more, read on!

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

Acetyl octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8) in the Highest Concentrations I’ve Ever Found

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener contains more acetyl octapeptide-3 than even water — a rare thing in skin care nowadays.

Acetyl octapeptide-3, also known as SNAP-8, is composed of the amino acids aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glutamine, and methionine. Like Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8), acetyl octapeptide-3 is a shortened, but varied, peptide sequence of BotoxTM. However, both work on the same muscle-to-nerve connections as BotoxTM. Studies show that topical application of significant concentrations of acetyl octapeptide-3 will reduce the release of catecholamines and glutamate needed for facial expression in a manner similar to BotoxTM(source). Studies have also associated acetyl octapeptide-3 with reduced facial erythema (redness) (Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology).

You’ll hear conflicting reports on skin care blogs about acetyl octapeptide-3 and Argireline, and there’s a reason: Most skin care products don’t use anywhere near the 5-10% concentrations used in dermatological studies. As a result, you’ll most often hear reports that “topical neuroinjectables” work for some, but not for others.

But MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener actually contains concentrations of SNAP-8 that are within the bounds found in most cosmeceutical studies. As a result, if you have expression lines and want to avoid injectables, this is the best serum I’ve found on the market for you. Not kidding. Acetyl octapeptide-3 is the #1 ingredient on the list because it is the most concentrated, so if this doesn’t “freeze” your muscles temporarily, no topical will. Period.

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate: A Retinol-Friendly Form of Vitamin C

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is powerful antioxidant. I think of tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and L-ascorbic acid like sisters: L-ascorbic acid may be the popular and pretty one (well, it does a lot superficially), but THA gets along with more power players (like retinol) due to its slightly-higher pH. THA also goes “deeper”, and can penetrate both the epidermis (the uppermost layer of skin) and dermis (the deepest layer of skin), which LAA cannot (Dermatologic Surgery, 2002).

THA also has been shown to be more efficient in entering skin cells than L-ascorbic acid (Clinics in Dermatology, 2008). Lastly, while LAA can be drying, THA has been shown to improve water retention in the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of skin) after a 4-week period of daily applications. It is also, of course, a lot more stable than LAA.

So while I don’t mean to rag on LAA — it’s still a super-awesome form of vitamin C that started it all — THA is the younger sister that works just as well in some ways, and better than others. THA is the second-most concentrated ingredient in MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener, and I’m super glad it’s there for brightening, tightening, lightening, and improving hydration levels in the skin over time.

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

The Peptides Really Sell This For Me

Let’s do this in a bulleted list, shall we?

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

Ultrapack Proprietary Technology

This is a patented base that is used by MDSUN to fit all of these awesome, proven ingredients into one serum.

Personal Use and Opinions

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener is a clear, medium-weight serum that glides across the skin easily, without tugging or pulling. It has no scent. It dries quickly and absorbs into the skin thoroughly, without any feelings of tackiness or stickiness. Since this product has just about everything in it, including retinol, I usually apply the ERASA serum afterwards and then call it a night.

MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener

Bottom Line

If you’re on an all-out war against wrinkles, then try MDSUN Wrinkle Smoothener. It’s a fantastic array of the most concentrated 17 peptides you’ll ever find, plus stem cells and ultra-high concentrations of THA. I’m a huge fan, and I’m devoted to this product in particular and this line in general.

Numerous Peptides (including Acetyl octapeptide-3, Rh-Polypeptide-1, Tripeptide-29, and Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl), Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Chicory Root Extract, and Thioctic Acid (ALA).


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