MDSUN Skin Care


Product Development – Innovative, Effective, Pioneering, and Clinically Researched


Unique and medically advanced product formulations created by a facial plastic surgeon and biochemist, Dr. George Sun. Each formula is designed to achieve superior skin-enhancing functions.


Dr. George Sun’s custom-formulated base is designed with medical-grade, highly effective bio-actives, and FDA-approved ingredients that encourage long-term improvements in the look and feel of the skin.  It can be found in each product.

Pursuing total care

The brand has developed innovative skincare products that combine concentrated, high quality, pure-grade and luxurious ingredients that are mild enough to be used on the most sensitive skin and built to deliver effective results over a lifetime.

MDSUN is a powerhouse that features:

  • Highly concentrated, hypoallergenic, hypocomedogenic formulas that are constantly refined for the purpose of delivering immediately visible, long-term results.
  • Product formulas that are free from paraben, alcohol, artificial fragrance and colors, or harmful chemicals or irritants.
  • Rigorous research and development, quality assurance, and independent test standards.
  • Proprietary, richly concentrated Ultrapack ingredient complexes in each product.
  • A serum-based delivery system designed to deeply penetrate into the skin’s layers to transport high functioning active ingredients to the skin.
  • And passion, premise, and promise that each product provides immediately visible results for all skin types.
  • The formulations are delivered in a specialized liposomal vehicle for enhanced stability, comfort, penetration, and efficacy.

Our Innovative Technology:

MDSUN’s proprietary Ultrapack formulations enhance and reinforce skin’s natural defense with high concentrations of active ingredients, including:

  • lipid and water-soluble antioxidants, and vitamins,
  • alpha and beta hydroxy acids,
  • amino acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, isoflavones
  • cytokinins, retinoid derivatives, brightening elements
  • plant-based anti-inflammatory ingredients, anti-allergy ingredients

and rich, diverse growth factors including stem cells.

Liposomes are spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer, made from the same material as a cell membrane.

Liposome Technology as a delivery system, ensures precise ingredient delivery and deep product absorption.

Fat-soluble liposome cells possessing a superior molecular structure coat active ingredient for maximum penetration into the dermis.

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