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Skincare Routine Set for Acne/Oil/Pores

$83.00 Now: $40.00
$122.00 Now: $60.00 (w/Mask)

Set includes:
Active Toner (3 ml) x 4
Active Cleanser (3 ml) x 4
Skin Exfoliation Pads (2 pcs) x 2
Soothener (3 ml) x 2
Clarifying Serum (3 ml) x 3
Super Hydration B Serum (3 ml) x 4
Intensive Eye Gel (3 ml) x 3

Add-on : Super Brightening Mask (1 pc) x 1

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Acne conditions are readily recognized by infection spots and pustules – they may be numerous or sparse, but they will be small. Skin with Acne Vulgaris will be oily and, in many cases, have blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores.

Individuals with acne conditions should regularly cleanse in the morning and evening at home as recommended by a skin care professional. Skin hydration is equally important after cleansing. Recommended treatment for acne conditions is to use skin care ingredients that regulate oil gland secretion, hydrate, heal, balance skin pH, soothe skin, and reduce inflammation.

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