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Skincare Routine Set for Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation

$86.00 Now: $40.00
$125.00 Now: $60.00 (w/Mask)

Set includes:
Active Toner (3 ml) x 1
Active Cleanser (3 ml) x 1
Revitalizing Cleanser (3 ml) x 1
Revitalizing Toner (3 ml) x 1
Skin Exfoliation Pads (2 pcs) x 1
Clarifying Serum (3 ml) x 1
Super Hydration B Serum (3 ml) x 2
Brightener Serum (3 ml) x 2
Intensive Eye Gel (3 ml) x 2
Med-Eye Complex Cream (3 ml) x 1
Repair Moisturizer (3 ml) x 1
Super Intensive Moisturizer (5 ml) x 1
Add-on : Super Brightening Mask (1 pc) x 1

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Pigmentation problems result from an uneven distribution of melanin over the skin surface. The best treatment for a pigmentation condition is to use products that contain skin whitening agents which help inhibit tyrosine, prevent the formation of melanin, and reduce the signs of skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. The use of sunscreens during the day is essential to attain best results.

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