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The Galaxy Set


This set contains:
Out of This World Foaming Cleanser (100ml)
Gold Exfoliating Gel (30ml)
Clarifying Serum (30ml)
Pink Moon Moisturizer (30ml)

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This set (original value of $235) contains 4 must-have skincare essentials for teen and young adults, protecting the skin against environmental contaminants, supporting skin health and creating a blemish-free look.

Recommended regimen as follows:

Step 1
Out of This World Foaming Cleanser (Daytime & nighttime) – Cleanse and purify skin, leaving skin refreshed, soft, bouncy and comfortably hydrated.

Step 2
Gold Exfoliating Gel (Once Every Other Day) – Remove dead skin cells while soothing skin irritations and resurfacing skin texture.

Step 3
Clarifying Serum (Daytime & nighttime) – Solve multiple complex problems, including dark spots, blemishes, dull skin and dehydrated skin.

Step 4
Pink Moon Moisturizer (Daytime & nighttime) – Hydrate skin and tighten pores while improving redness, sunburns and acne scars.

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