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Sensitivity & Redness

Use products that relieve sensitivity and redness

Some factors leading to sensitive skin include: cosmetic treatment such as improper acid peels, pulsed light treatment, insufficient care after skin injury, or improper use of cosmetic products.

Skin becomes fragile and sensitive and may appear flushed due to rash, sensitivity, and itching. Poor UV defense may also cause skin to appear scaly or with rashes. Dry and oily skin types may experience sensitive skin conditions.

  1. Skin sensitivity indicates low resistance to environmental factors. Special care is required to enhance moisture as well as to strengthen and soothe the epidermal layers.
  2. Avoid products containing irritants such as chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients, flavorings, or other factors which may worsen sensitivity. Use mild products to soothe redness or other irritations.
  3. Adjust UV protection in indoor and outdoor settings. External factors such as seasonal changes and humidity contribute to sensitivity.
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