Combining Cosmetic Surgery and Facial Products to Achieve Real Results

The best facial skincare products come from those who really know skin. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are the best resources for this. They may take a slightly different approach, but they are both looking for the products that will help you maintain healthy, youthful, and vibrant skin. In the case of MDSUN’s products, they are specifically designed to be safe and effective for use in conjunction with procedures that include cosmetic surgery.

MDSUN’s Story

As noted on the website:

MDSUN妍心賞利用再生醫學的概念及技術,以提升皮膚本身之更新,自行修復的機能為目的,進而強化皮膚細胞的滋養,而達到修復平衡肌膚健康及預防皮膚老化等問題;是一個集冶療,抗衰老及再生醫學的專業科學護膚品牌。 MDSUN產品均採用FDA批准的藥妝成分,溫和低敏性配方,無添加會引起副作用的化學防腐劑,酒精,人工香料,色素及動物性脂肪,因此,妍心賞產品持續的正常使用可不斷保持效果,長期使用不會有副作用,適合所有年齡層和所有膚色與膚質類型,即使是敏感,脆弱,受損肌膚皆適用,低敏且長效。 MDSUN多項產品中,更含有具臨床及醫學根據有效的多樣幹細胞,膠原蛋白,生長因子,胜肽及最新高科技抗老化與淡化黑色素成分。不僅是活性成分的高含量,產品的滲透力也是我們MDSUN的優勢,我們結合獨特Ultrapack抗氧化配方濃縮精華以及Liposome包覆技術,讓所有活性高質量精華更能深入送達肌膚底層。 我們的目標是讓每一位愛護肌膚的顧客,恢復健康和美麗,讓顧客「不需醫師處方」也能享有專業醫療級能使用一生的美容護膚聖品。

MDSUN is a collaboration between medicine and beauty 在整型外科及醫美領域擁有多年經驗的孫博士注意到處方皮膚產品種類繁多,而大多無法長期使用,因為它們可能會有發紅,乾燥,刺激和發炎等不良反應。


Our products achieve superior skin enhancing functions due to our unique proprietary Ultrapack technology. Each product features a custom formulated base, designed with specialized ingredients that provide clinical efficacy and long-term improvement in the look and feel of skin. At the same time, MDSUN products are mild enough for use on sensitive skin over a lifetime. MDSUN products do not require a peeling or acclimation phase in order to enhance the appearance of skin. They are safe to use pre- or post-treatment, or in conjunction with surgical procedures.

Endorsements for MDSUN’s Products

 many people who rely on their face to make a living consider MDSUN their go-to strategy for skin care.

There is a very good reason that many people who rely on their face to make a living consider MDSUN their go-to strategy for skin care. Using MDSUN’s products before and after facial procedures minimizes the amount of work necessary and gives your face the boost needed to remain youthful.

Consider this, from Futurederm : Overall, if you want top-notch performance from an under eye wrinkle eraser, consider MDSUN Med-Eye Complex to be one of the very best eye creams out there. I even use it on expression lines on my forehead, and it’s been keeping them at bay.”

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Skin Care Rules

Be extra vigilant about sun protection.

After you have a cosmetic surgery there are very important steps that you must take in order to protect yourself and your skin. WebMD refers to these as the Four Cardinal Skin Care Rules .

  • Be super kind to your skin. This means using only the most mild products that are designed to make sure that your skin is not irritated with harsh chemicals. Skin sensitivity can apply to redness prone (couperose), dry, and oily skin types. Cosmeceutical chemists and medical professionals have established that skin is clinically sensitive when it reacts on a predictable basis to an element or chemical compound. The skin reacts sensitively when the stratum corneum is damaged, allowing irritants to penetrate directly into the deeper layers of the epidermis and / or dermis. Major chemicals that can cause sensitivity are those found in fragrances, preservatives, and some chemical sunscreens. Products for sensitive skin are designed to be gentle and delicate and contain anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritation ingredients. ( Source ).
  • Be extra vigilant about sun protection. “The first few days after having a procedure, it’s best to avoid the direct sun,” says Steven Hopping, MD, president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. “If you go out, opt for a sunscreen that blocks alpha and beta sun rays. SPF 30 or 40 is sufficient — the ones with higher SPF tend to block the pores, so it may be better to steer clear of them.” ( Source ).
  • Allow the wounds to heal. Do not interfere with them. Ignore peeling skin and scabs to prevent irritation, infection and scars. Follow your plastic surgeon’s advice on treating and soothing the scabs to minimize scarring.
  • Hydrate even more than you normally do. It is exceptionally important after surgery that you drink as much water as you can to help your skin retain enough moisture to heal and to help flush toxins out of your body.


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