Valentine’s Date Ideas 2021 Edition

Do you want to treat your significant other out but don’t know how? Do you feel like the COVID restrictions can be very limiting? Do you just not know where to start? As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, you may feel stuck on fun date ideas. Fortunately, MDSUN can find the most efficient and COVID-friendly activities for you and your significant other.

Picnic Date

This super simple and thoughtful idea is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. You can have this picnic at a park, lookout spot, or even your backyard. Additionally, get your significant other’s favorite food and pastries. The two of you will definitely have a blast.

Polaroid Adventure

It is no surprise that polaroids/instant cameras are becoming more popular – with the sudden rise of Y2k, anything with the 90s seems to be in trend. We recommend going out on a road trip and bringing either a polaroid or a disposable camera. These keep the trip exciting and fun. Instead of being able to scroll through the photos, you will have to wait until they are developed. Both of you and your significant other will be able to remember a moment in time forever.


If you’re significant other is into constellations and stars, then take them out to stargaze! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot a shooting star! Additionally, you can download a star app to see the current constellations for that night.


Netflix and Skincare

Sometimes you just want to have a relaxing day with your significant other. You guys might just be that couple that prefers wearing your PJs and watching a good Netflix movie. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, that doesn’t mean that you guys don’t value your skin. As finding a good skincare product is extremely important, MDSUN can definitely help with that.


MDSUN’s Super Hydration B helps with moisture levels, uneven texture, and supports natural collagen. The main ingredients in this product include: Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), Sodium PCA, Glycerin. As Panthenol helps with your skin’s hydration levels, Glycerin helps with full repair.


During Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to tag us @mdsunskincare and let us know about your adventures!



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