Valentine’s Day Treats You Need To Try

If you and your significant other have a sweet tooth, then you’re both in for a treat! While there’s nothing wrong with the classic Valentine’s Day chocolates, it can be fun to spice things up with other romantic goodies. That’s why MDSUN introduces you to: Valentine’s Day treats you need to try!


There’s nothing wrong with making your own DIY cupcakes. There are a variety of different styles and flavors to choose from (red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc). Don’t forget about cupcake decorations either! P.S. make sure to write “I love you” on top.

Flower Box Cake

The “flower box cake” is one of the most creative treats that you and your significant other can make together. The outside of the cake is decorated with pink flowers, making it look like someone brought you a bouquet. When comparing it towards real flowers and fake flowers, no one can tell the difference!


Matcha Cookies

Not only does matcha contain numerous benefits like, “boosting metabolism, relaxing your body, providing vitamin c, and lowering cholesterol” but it is also super delicious to have. Although matcha is widely known for their tea, there’s nothing wrong with combining it with sweets. You can make matcha cookies which are regular cookies, but with the added matcha.


Strawberry French Toast

It is no secret that when thinking of the color red, people often associate them towards Valentine’s Day. Additionally, one of the best fruits to embody this color is strawberries. When your significant other wakes up, serve the classic breakfast-in-bed with strawberry french toast.


Finally, if you want to make your significant other to be even happier, treat them to an MDSUN skincare product.


MDSUN’s Antioxidant UV Protector SPF50 works well to combat sensitive to acne-prone skin. This product contains  Zinc Oxide 13.75%, Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Emblica, CoQ10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. As Zinc Oxide helps with skin irritations, Resveratrol reduces redness.


So when you’re eating these treats, just remember that these are way better than the classic chocolate bundle.


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