Why You Should Use the Pomodoro Method

Are you a college student or employee? Are you someone who wants a creative studying technique? Or are you looking to improve your old study habits? The Pomodoro method is one of the most famous techniques. Known for keeping others on track, this method will have you completing a task in no time.

What is the Pomodoro Method?

The Pomodoro Method is a simple technique that breaks down studying/breaks into different time slots. For example, some pomodoro methods are broken down into slots of twenty-five minutes. You work on a task vigorously for that period, and then take a five minute break.

Why You Should Use This:

One one hand, this method is great for those who procrastinate and get sidetracked quickly. You can either set up a timer on your phone or watch a video regarding it.


On the other hand, if you want to make your studying more efficient, you need to try this technique.


Benefits of the Pomodoro Technique:

Those who have used the pomodoro technique have reported that it helps with organizational skills and accountability. Since you have your timer out, it forces you to get that task done without any interruptions. Additionally, you get breaks every twenty-five minutes allowing for you to not feel as overwhelmed.


Finally, the pomodoro technique has been seen to create, “short bursts of motivation add up over time and will increase the amount of work you get done.”

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