Bullet Journaling: What is It?

If not stressed enough, journaling is one of the many ways in order to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can write down your goals as well as your schedule. Recently, there has been a more fun and efficient way of journaling, allowing you to decorate your journal with fun stickers and pens. A Bullet Journal, or known as “a planner that contains bullet points, dashes, and other graphics so you can see their categories at a glance”, is a famous tool that helps with productivity and organization.

How to Design Your Bullet Journal

When picking out your bullet journal, any journal works as long as it follows the specifications and qualities of a bullet journal. As previously mentioned, a bullet journal contains lines and patterns that allow for you to create text entries. However, before you begin writing your bullet journal you should ask yourself one question: What do you intend to journal about?


While some people use bullet journals as daily planners, bullet journals are much more versatile than that. You can use bullet journals as diary entries, mood trackers, fitness trackers, quote entries, and much more. Additionally, when designing your bullet journal, you should make sure to have a consistent theme.

How To Organize Your Bullet Journal

Before you begin anything, you should create a small list of symbols/designs that will help to symbolize different things. For example, for every task you complete you can put a check mark. After designing this small list, you can refer back to what each symbol means.


Now with the theme. As some people may like to have a consistent theme for each month, other people may say differently. Not only does bullet journaling make you feel more productive and organized, but it is also a creative and fun outlet. With designing the theme, make sure that it fits with the aesthetic of each month or season. For example, you can fill October with scary pumpkins and monsters because of the upcoming Halloween.

Finally, make sure that you follow through with labeling and font sizes. You should label out different entries of your journal for each page. For example, if two pages are dedicated to making a calendar, then label that on the side. If a section below is dedicated for motivational fonts, then write that.


In addition, you should also label your goals as well. Everybody has a different goal that they want to achieve. For some people that may be losing weight,  while for others it may be clearing up their skin.


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