How the Stars Stay Looking So Young

We can’t help but notice that celebrities really seem to age well. Their skin is flawless; plump, dewy, smooth. They’re, well, radiant! Either their makeup artists deserve awards and accolades, or the celebs are taking advantage of some sort of magical, mythical fountain of youth.

Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Most of us desire to have just a little bit of that star-glow for ourselves but are afraid we could never afford all of the work it takes.  

Sit back and pay attention because we’ve gathered intel on some of the most gorgeous of the beautiful people’s secrets. Shhhhh. . . . .

They Get Chemical Peels

As your skin goes through its life cycle, the older, dead skin cells are sloughed off.


As your skin goes through its life cycle, the older, dead skin cells are sloughed off. This happens naturally and can be exacerbated by external environmental effects. It can leave behind dry, scaly skin when those cells aren’t removed. The celebs take advantage of professional chemical peels, which work by removing the damaged top layers of skin, leaving behind a face looking years younger.

Jennifer Aniston swears by them, though she jokes that the after-effects are a bit scary for a little while, jesting that she looks like a burn victim for a week immediately following her peels.

When done by a professional a mild glycolic acid chemical peel can set you back $150-$300. Have no fear, though. You can get similar results in only a month by using the over-the-counter peels.

They Choose Their Makeup Carefully

Yeah. . . .and they expertly apply it. . . .or have an expert apply it.

Skin can become dry, especially as it ages. Piling a bunch of heavy makeup and powder on top doesn’t make for a pretty picture, and the stars know that.

Creamy foundations are what you want to grab. Cate Blanchett’s makeup artist, Dotti, blends two different foundations together “to get the right shade and create a radiant finish.” Too much powder can settle into lines, making you look older. “To remove excess shine, I use a little powder, then blot with a tissue.”

Fake lashes are in, but don’t overdo it! Dotti uses individual brown lashes on Blanchett, which look more natural than black. “Then I curl her lashes and apply black mascara on the top lashes only, which creates a wide-eyed, youthful look,” she says.

Christie Brinkley’s makeup artist, Sandy Linter, advises using a brow filler, since hair volume is a sign of youth (even on your brows). “Brows thin as we age; but it’s more youthful to have a thicker, darker brow,” she says.

Go careful with the concealer, choosing one that works with your skin. Under eye circles and bags tend to get worse with age. Salma Hayek got frustrated when lighter shades didn’t work for her blue-based dark circles, so she created one that is orange-based, compensating for the tonality of blue. Linter only puts concealer on the inner corners of Christie’s eyes “to counteract the darkness,” she says. “I don’t drag it out to the end of the eye where it could settle into laugh lines, making fine lines more pronounced.”

Probably one of the best things you could do with makeup is to go easy with it! Halle Berry seriously lays off the makeup when she’s not on the set to give her skin a break.

They Scrub and Exfoliate

do a scrub three times a week to really clean your skin

Anniston, who is a spokesperson for Aveeno, recommends you “do a scrub three times a week to really clean your skin,” when asked about using an exfoliator. Sandra Bullock’s aesthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba, likes to use one that contains alpha- and beta-hydroxys. “The gentle exfoliation removes dead cells, revealing smooth skin,” he claims.

They’re also fond of using facial cleansing brushes. Ava Shamban, MD, a celebrity dermatologist in Los Angeles touts the benefits of them. She believes that nothing beats them for removing makeup and providing a light, daily exfoliation.

Celebs Avoid the Sun

UV rays are the number one cause of prematurely aging skin

UV rays are the number one cause of prematurely aging skin, and its effects accumulate over time; meaning, frying in a tanning bed in your 20s will have a negative impact on your skin as you get into your 40s, 50s, and 60s. The stars know this, and most of them avoid the sun when at all possible. Nicole Kidman avoids it at all costs in order to maintain her porcelain complexion.

When they can’t avoid the sun altogether, they’re sure to don sunscreen. You should get in the habit of using it every day, even if you’re not out playing in bright sunlight. Look for a broad spectrum formula with an SPF of at least 30. Kate Moss goes with SPF 50. Wear a chic broad-brimmed hat to hide as much of your face as possible.

They Never Go to Bed with Their Makeup on

This is almost too basic to merit mentioning, but it truly is the golden rule! Your skin renews itself overnight, so it’s important to apply some of the most important ingredients right before bed. On top of that, “You can’t go to sleep with your makeup on and have good skin – it’s just impossible!” exclaims Olga Lorencin-Northrup, founder and lead aesthetician of Kinara Spa in Los Angeles. Diane Kruger backs her up suggesting you never let it happen.

Tammy Fender, Palm Beach, Florida facialist recommends taking five minutes at the end of the day, putting a little spa music on your iPod, and going through your nighttime cleansing and skin care ritual. She knows what she’s talking about! She’s treated both Julianne Moore and Alicia Silverstone.


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