Summer Colors You Need To Wear

Being that Fourth of July was just a few days ago, online shops and stores were throwing out discounts and sales everywhere. This could be ranging from Adidas, which sells sportswear equipment and shoes, to Anthropologie, whose store is filled with bohemian dresses. Instead of wearing the classic blue, white, and red on the Fourth of July, stay tuned for some original colors that you won’t ever get tired of.

Gen Z Yellow

You heard it, there’s an entire color named after a generation. This bright yellow entails the boldness and character of Gen Z. Gen Z Yellow is a throwback to the 80’s of fun and bold patterns and colors.

Light Purple

This mellow color is perfect with those who want to dress down with a sophisticated yet soft look. Light Purple was first seen through the 90’s as a fashion statement, but now it could be taken as a relaxed look.


“Tangerine” embodies confidence and self-love. Those who wear this beautiful color are not afraid of being adventurous and could wear this color as a night-out with their friends for local cocktails.

Olive Green

This color is yet simple but unique. Olive Green is a universal color that everyone can look good in this summer. For those who want to wind down at the pool, to others that want to add a little flare to their outfit, Olive Green is the perfect candidate to those who want to get things done.

Sources: Getty Images – Rhianna // Getty Images- Light Purple // My Face Hunter- Vanessa H // InStyle- Olive Green


While pairing these beautiful colors to your outfit, make sure to take lots of cute selfies as well as bring an extra sunscreen.

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