Water Retention: Why It Is an Important Part in the Skin Care Process

We know that water is extremely important to our bodies and our skin’s health and beauty, but there is actually a way that water can be harmful.

What is water retention?

Water retention is a type of swelling that occurs due to an abnormal fluid balance in the body. Edema is the medical term for water retention. The skin of the face is one of the main areas that is affected by edema. In most cases, fluid retention does not cause serious problems. However there are times when fluid retention causes dangerous effects on the body. Conditions that cause fluid retention include heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure and sometimes premenstrual syndrome.

How does the body regulate water?

The human body uses a complex system of hormone substances to regulate water levels.

The human body uses a complex system of hormone substances to regulate water levels. Excess water intake one day can be resolved by the kidneys quickly excreting the excess urine out of the body, while a lack of fluids on another day may result in much less urination than usual.

You can easily retain as much as five pounds of water by the end of the day depending on the types of foods you have consumed, your hydration levels, and your activity levels for that day. Carrying excess water weight means you tend to retain more fluids during the day.

Where does water retention affect the body?

Water retention is usually seen affecting the face, hands, feet, ankles and lower legs as well as other parts of the body. Most of the time, due to gravity, it is the ankles and feet that swell.

How sodium affects water retention

An increase of sodium in the diet is one of the main causes of excess fluid retention. Unfortunately, sodium is present in nearly all processed foods, as well as some natural foods you consume. Your kidneys and hormones naturally regulate a delicate balance of sodium and potassium in your system. Consuming high-sodium foods knocks this system out of balance, causing edema, or water retention.

How to reduce water retention

Exercising is very beneficial when trying to rid yourself of water weight.

Water retention is able to be reduced. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping your sodium intake at no more than 1,000 milligrams per day. You can do this by reading labels on foods and staying away from processed products as much as possible. Lightly salt meals with sea salt when cooking and do not add extra salt at the dinner table.

Exercising is very beneficial when trying to rid yourself of water weight. Physical activity widens your blood vessels, leading to an increased amount of fluids delivered to the kidneys. Once the fluid is processed by your kidneys, it will be excreted. Always remember to stay properly hydrated throughout the day as well. Surprisingly, the more water you drink, the less you retain.

The following self-help measures may help to reduce the signs and symptoms of water retention for some people: Cut down salt consumption. If you are overweight, losing weight can help. Exercise regularly, raising the legs several times per day to improve circulation. Wear supportive stockings if the water retention occurs in your lower limbs. Do not sit or stand in one position for too long, being sure to get up and walk about regularly when traveling by car, train, boat or plane. And lastly avoid extremes of temperature, such as hot baths, showers and saunas.

Medication and water retention

Some types of fluid retention respond very well to medicines. These medicines are called diuretic medicines. They work by forcing your kidneys, which remove fluid from your blood and produce urine, to work harder. Several ordinary beverages are natural diuretics, including tea, coffee and alcohol. Alcohol is an especially powerful diuretic.

If you are thinking of taking diuretic medicines for fluid retention, be sure to do your research. First, it is important that you check with your doctor to ensure that your heart, liver and kidneys are healthy. Some people have fluid retention as a result of problems with these organs. If this is the case, then it will be important to follow your doctor’s advice.

Products that help with water retention in the face

MDSUN’s Super Hydration B Serum

MDSUN is a skin care brand that offers a very wide range of products that are all able to help with a variety of skin care concerns. One concern is edema, or water retention. This is something that can add puffiness to the face. MDSUN’s Super Hydration B Serum is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and it is a lightweight serum. It helps to keep the skin well hydrated and allows the skin to keep enough water in it to stay healthy and plump. This intensive antioxidant and anti-aging formula diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin more radiant with improved the skin tone.


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