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Vanichi editors pick MD Sun Med-Eye Complex Cream for Best Eye Cream 2016. Scroll down for your chance to win their powerful eye cream.

We first discovered MD Sun through a Travel Kit of carry-on sized versions of their powerful formulas. The brand stuck out for its bright yellow packaging. It left an impact because of quickly and deeply each product works. Its latest eye cream, the MD Sun Med-Eye Complex Cream, is our Vanichi Editor’s Pick for Best Eye Cream 2016. Its strong yet gentle for all skin types and loaded with high concentrations of proven ingredients.

Founded by cosmeceutical surgeon Dr. George Sun, the product line draws upon his vast knowledge as a plastic surgeon and biochemist. The result is products that don’t just make your skin look better, but also encourage revitalization on the cellular level.

Made in the USA, MD Sun prides itself on formula and with good reason. Its products are created with long-term benefits in mind, not just short-term results. The Med-Eye Complex Cream has a laundry list of high-impact components including Vitamin A and E, over a dozen peptides, ceramides, human fibroblast conditioned media and human adipose stem cells.

Let’s hone in on the “conditioned media” and “adipose stem cells”. MD Sun is utilizing adipose stem cells as well as the media that stem cells grow in, which is rich with growth factors. These proteins, or growth factors, can help blood vessel and new cell growth. That means improved microcirculation in the skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles as well as the appearance of sagging and support for natural collagen and elastin production. The cream should be used twice daily on clean skin.

If you want luxury beauty with real results, look no further than MD Sun’s Med-Eye Complex Cream.

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