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MDSUN HYDRO-RECOVERY MASK Review By Fashion of Philly


This weekend, the Philadelphia area got it’s first real taste of Fall weather, meaning it was cool enough to keep my cardigan on the entire day. However, the rapid change in weather can really mess with our skin as well. For that reason it’s nice to treat our skin to a mask every now and then. MDSUN recently sent me their Hydro-Recovery Mask to try and here’s what I love about it.

First things first, this packaging is so fun! Anything metallic and shiny will always catch my eye. The mask should be applied to a clean face so, I used a makeup remover and a gentle cleanser. The mask itself is a bio-cellulose mask which feels a little weird, almost like jelly, but it felt cool on my face. Is contains plant-derived ingredients like licorice, green tea and oat extract.  Another good thing about it, was how easily it contoured to my skin without any wrinkles or gaps. They recommend keeping the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes. A great way to past the time is having fun with the Snapchat filters. (You can follow mine here) Once you take it off, you don’t need to rinse, but you can apply other skincare products, if needed. I did apply my usual night creme afterwards. In the end, my skin felt refreshed, hydrated and tighter.

Looking to try the MDSUN Hydro-Recovery Mask for yourself, visit for more information.

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