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MDSUN Review By Allies Fashion Alley

You know by now that I’m an anti-aging beauty fanatic. So, I was very excited to try a couple of MDSUN products because they get rave reviews.  These aren’t just any skin care products however, they are developed by the world renowned cosmeceutical surgeon, Dr. George Sun. The innovative products are made with specialized ingredients for long-term skin improvement. They’re all safe to use pre and post-op which means they’re very gentle and perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I’ve tried too many serums that are really harsh on my skin. I’ve been using this serum day and night for about a month now and it hasn’t caused any breakouts. Keep reading for my review.

The Brightener Serum is a great multi-purpose serum. I love that you can wear it both AM and PM. My skin looks visibly brighter and smoother. In addition to brightening, it reduces acne scarring and fine lines. All you need is a thin layer. It absorbs quickly, then I apply a little moisturizer and foundation right over it in the morning.

I also tried the Skin Exfoliation Pads. These are meant to be used at night, after cleansing. I absolutely love that this is an exfoliation treatment that you don’t need to rinse off. I like using masks too, but hate the hassle of the extra washing step. This leave-on formula cleans your skin, fights acne, and even makes your skin smoother. I have been using this a few nights every week.

The combination of these two products have definitely left my skin looking healthier.

I highly recommend trying out some MDSUN products. Shop them here.

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