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MDSUN Review By Beauty Lit From Within

MDSun (shine) on my face makes me happy…

Hello, Fireflies! Have you heard about MDSun? The founder of MDSun, Dr. George Sun, is a plastic surgeon who specializes in biochemical research.  He created his pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical lines to give his clients the best products to either maintain their plastic surgery results, or to give the best non-surgical results.  I had the pleasure of trying two of their most popular products: the Super Hydration B Serum, and the Intensive Eye Gel. Did I like them?  I’ll give you a hint – I did one an homage nail art that is one of my most recent favorites!

MDSun Intensive Eye Gel

The skin around our eyes is different from the rest of our skin – it’s thinner, and it has fewer glands to produce sebum, which means that it dries out quicker.  We also move our eyes a lot, which creates fine lines and wrinkles. Now, I’m not opposed to a few smile lines, for sure.  I earned them the hard way!  But I can do without the dark circles, the puffiness, and the crow’s feet.

MDSun Intensive Eye Gel ingredients and directions

MDSun Intensive Eye Gel has several ingredients to help with these problems.  It has a high concentration of Vitamin K and C to help with pigmentation issues; oat extracts and arginine to hydrate and improve wrinkles,  and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help with puffiness. I really enjoyed using this eye gel.  It wasn’t too rich, it spread without tugging and absorbed quickly.  My skin around my eyes felt hydrated, and never got tight while I was using this gel, even after hours on the computer.

The Intensive Eye Gel is a thick yellow gel that loses its color when absorbed.  I prefer to gently pat in my eye creams around the hollow of the eye socket, and up to my browbone. I absolutely love the twist-up pump packaging.  It’s both aesthetically pleasing and also keeps the product from getting contaminated.  Each pump gives plenty of product, so be careful not to pump too much and waste it. On the MDSun webpage, A 3 ml sample sells for $2; the full-sized 15 ml pump sells for $105.

MDSun Intensive Eye Gel is a thick, yellow gel

The second product I received to try was the MDSun Super Hydration B Serum.

MDSun Super Hydration B Serum

Have you noticed my new obsession with serums?  I think this MDSun Super Hydration B Serum is one of my new favorites.  It feels smooth and absorbs so quickly.  No scent that I can tell.  I like the push-button dropper applicator that helps me get just the perfect single-use portion.

Super Hydration B Serum ingredients and directions

Containing Hyaluronic Acid and B Vitamins, this serum claims to increase water retention and shrink pores.  My skin did feel hydrated – so much so that I sometimes didn’t feel the need to add another moisturizer on top.  I don’t know if it shrank my pores – it’s my understanding that nothing really can – but my skin does seem to look smoother overall, and I had to look closely in a mirror to see the larger pores next to my nose.  But, yep, they’re still there!

If you were to get one product, this would be my pick.  It’s good for Dry or Oily or Combo skin; helps with pigmentation and acne; can be used on the eye area as well as the rest of the face; and is paraben, alcohol, and fragrance-free. At $2 for a sample, or $85 for a 30 ml bottle, it’s not cheap, but I probably used less than what’s in the dropper in the picture below to cover my whole face and neck.

MDSun Super Hydration B Serum

You can see how thin the serum is – it spread out so fast, I couldn’t get a good picture!

They say that first, we eat with our eyes.  I think that’s true for how I shop, too.  I mean, in many ways, I’m a pragmatist – if a product works, I’ll buy it, no matter how ugly the bottle is.  But, I like gorgeous, luxe packaging, too – especially if it holds a super awesome product. For me and the MDSun Super Hydration B Serum it was love at first sight, and first use, and second use, and every other use after that. It’s just a fantastic product that felt good to use. So, I did a mani in homage to the bottle.  I love the luxe packaging with the silver push-button dropper and the Caribbean Blue gradiation on the glass bottle.

I started my mani with L’oreal In The Buff, a sheer white with a little bit of sparkle, then I dabbed on L.A. Splash Aqua Fusion, a Carribean blue with a purple shimmer.  At the top of the nail, I added a little Revlon Sequin.

It’s a simple paint scheme, but I love the way it came together!

If you’d like more information about MDSun, you can find them on Facebook, or their webpage.  In addition to being able to shop for all their products, if you have questions about skincare, they also have a great FAQ section that answers questions about SPF, hyper-pigmentation, and other skin issues. Does it make a difference to you if your face products were created by a plastic surgeon?

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