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Mr. Jiannan Huang, the LABA Blue-chip artist, as our Honorary Design Art Consultant

On 5th August, 2023, Zehra Sun, the MDSUN CEO, appointed Mr. Jiannan Huang, the LABA Blue-chip artist, as our "Honorary Design Art Consultant".

The ceremony was held at the Jiannan Huang Art Studio located in Beijing, China.

“For Huang's works of art and his personality, it can be said that he has both virtue and art! His international, forward-looking, authoritative, creative and continuous improvement are completely consistent with our brand philosophy. Therefore, we were very pleased that Huang accepted the invitation to be the honorary art design consultant of the MDSUN brand. Thank you very much! I think that Huang’s artistic attainment and influence will definitely bring MDSUN a more enhanced brand image!” said Zehra.

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