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New Additions to My Skin Care Routine From MDSUN – Glamorable

It’s not every day that I get to discover a new skin care company as impressive as MDSUN. Started by a plastic surgeon Dr. George Sun, MDSUN brand features cosmeceutical products formulated with some of the most potent and cutting-edge ingredients, based on results of over a decade-long clinical research.

Considering that all MDSUN products are made for skin that requires special care, all products have to pass a multitude of tests to ensure they are as gentle as they are effective. To get a better idea about those innovative formulations I was sent two best-selling products to try: Intensive Eye Gel and Super Hydration B Serum.

Super Hydration B Serum is recommended for dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and problem skin, as well as skin predisposed to hyperpigmentation. Depending on the season, my skin can be either one of those, or all of them together at the same time.

The serum comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a dropper inside, that grabs just enough product for one application, so you don’t accidentally apply more than you need. Not that it’s bad for your skin since the formula is ultra gentle, but considering the price of this serum, I think it would be wasteful. To cover my entire face and neck three drops are enough, which is the amount picked up by the dropper.

The serum essentially looks like a slightly sticky runnt liquid and doesn’t have any distinguishable smell. It absorbs into the skin almost immediately upon application, making the surface look more even and supple, and creating smooth base for other beauty products. If you are familiar with Korean cosmetics, I think this one is closer to an essence than an ampoule.

MDSUN says that Super Hydration B Serum “works deeply to heal and hydrate your skin for significant improvement, smoothing and increase your skin’s water retention.” According to COSDNA ingredient analysis, the formula contains only one big irritant – SD Alcohol 40, but after checking with EWG, it seems like most of that hazardous rating comes from ingesting it, so unless you plan on drinking this serum, you should be good 


Intensive Eye Gel is also recommended for hyperpigmentation and for dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types. My top eyelids tend to always be oily, but the bottom lids can be anything from oily and dry, to red and sensitive, depending on the mood my skin is in.

The gel comes in an airtight twist-up pump, which ensures that the product inside doesn’t turn bad from exposure to air and light. It’s also more sanitary than finger dipping, and for that reason alone I usually prefer products in pumps, but I’m not all that strict about it really.

MDSUN describes Intensive Eye Gel as “an anti-aging and hydrating treatment that combines the most effective antioxidants, vitamins, and powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce and diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles while improving firmness and reducing puffiness around eyes.” COSDNA analysis shows no harsh irritants, except maybe Tocopherol that some people can be sensitive to. This is overall a very clean formula, packed with various moisturizers, vitamins, and plant extracts, and my eyes seem to like it quite a bit.


I’ve been using both Intensive Eye Gel and Super Hydration B Serum for two months now, and so far they’ve proven to be quite effective at keeping my face, neck, and eye area hydrated and line-free. I also noticed a slight reduction of my undereye circles, like the skin is slightly thicker and healthier. If I had to pick a favorite among the two, I’d probably go with the serum, because it just feels amazing and makes my whole face look well-rested, smooth, and more lifted.

Do you need this? MDSUN products are certainly worth checking out if they are within your price range. Both the eye cream and the serum proved to be gentle and effective, and delivered on their promises. If I had to choose one, I’d go with the serum, but you can order 3ml samples of any one their products for $2 each, and try them for yourself.

Super Hydration B Serum – $85 USD for 30ml. Available at MDSUN.
Intensive Eye Gel – $105 for 15ml. Available at MDSUN.Do you have a favorite serum and/or eye cream?


P.S.: I took these pictures in early October when I first received the products. What a beautiful day it was! Some of you asked if I live by the beach, and the answer is yes. We share our tiny beach with several other houses, and it really needs some maintenance work done. This year the water in the lake was really high [that lonely lifeguard tower was in the sand last year] so we had smaller area to use, and it would even get a little crowded at times [and by crowded I mean that someone would be about 15-20 ft away]. I’m sure by most people’s standards that’s not crowded at all, but considering the size of our beach and the number of people using it, that’s almost like getting into someone’s personal space, haha!

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