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How To Pick The Perfect Fall Blush

As fall is right around the corner, we can understand if your skin has been looking dry and dull. You might be trying out new makeup looks – going for a nude lipstick or even a smokey eyeshadow. Blushes not only compliment well with your skin’s undertone, but make you look more sunkissed and refreshed. This is why you need to choose the perfect blush.

What Blush Do You Want?

Before you begin finding the perfect blush, try to ask yourself what kind of effect you want for your makeup. You can either try a darker blush to bring out a more complex eyeshadow look, or a blush that makes your outfit pop. When choosing your blush, make sure to find blushes that compliment well with your skin tone.


How Blushes Can Affect Your Entire Routine

While some people would just opt for one color, other people like an abundance of blushes they can choose from. The NARS Afterglow Overlust Cheek Palette is perfect for those who want a variety of blushes, but also care for different types of bronzers and highlighters. Whereas people who like to have one blush at a time, may like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Mini. This beautiful champagne rose blush is infused with lightning effects that make you and your skin pop.

When applying blush, remember to apply a gentle essence so the blush is easily applicable. MDSUN’s Soothener is perfect for those with dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and pigmentation skin. This essence works to relieve your skin’s texture as well as boost collagen. The main ingredients are Purified Feverfew PFE, Avena Sativa Extract, K2, Gingko Biloba Extract, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Panthenol B5. As Avena Sativa Extract moisturizes your skin, Gingko Biloba Extract helps with skin texture.

Where To Apply Your Blush

While some people would choose to apply blush at the center of the cheeks, there are certain methods that allow you to maximize this product’s effects. For example, the face shape that you have matters for where you apply the blush. If you have more of a rounded face, you may want to apply towards the outside of your cheeks. This makes your face look a lot slimmer and accentuates your features. So the next time you’re wearing blush, make sure to follow this simple guide on how to get your perfect blush!


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