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Some Acids Are Helpful for the Skin

Some ingredients do not sound like they should ever touch your skin. Acid is something that might seem like it could only do harm to anything it touches. This is not the case though. While there are acids that cause harm if they contact your skin, there are also several that provide helpful benefits when used as part of your skincare routine.

Continue reading to find a list of desirable acids to look for in skin products.

Helpful acids for the skin

Helpful acids for the skin

Mandelic Acid:

Mandelic acid is useful because it carries its own specific benefits, and the benefits of many other acids as well. It is able to take on a very wide variety of skin problems and issues.

For instance, blackheads are a very common concern. The older a blackhead gets, the harder it is to remove. Blackheads are abnormally large pores that collect debris from the skin over time. The more debris they collect, the more clogged the pore becomes. Mandelic acid has become one of the best ways to help cure blackheads on the face.

Another unique quality of mandelic acid is that it works with the oil agents within your skin as well as the water soluble components. The water soluble parts of the skin usually concern connections between cells. This is pertinent to removing accumulated dead skin cells on your face which work against achieving a healthy glow. When mandelic acid is used, it works alongside the water soluble connections between cells, breaking the contact between dead skin cells and your fresh skin. This acid helps to shed those dead cells off of your body. Once you are able to rid your face of all the dead skin cells, you are left with a much healthier complexion.

Salicylic Acid:

This type of acid is most commonly known as one of acne’s biggest enemies. Anyone who suffers from constant acne breakouts can attest that this acid is most likely a part of their acne fighting arsenal. For the most part, slathering this as a topical ointment onto a pimple before bed will make it much less noticeable by the time you wake up in the morning.

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid. This means the hydroxyl part of the molecule is separated from the acid part by two carbon atoms. This is different from an alpha hydroxy, where they are only separated by one carbon atom. This structure is extremely important because it makes this acid more oil soluble. Therefore it is able to penetrate pores of the skin, which is something many acids cannot do.

Once the acid penetrates the surface of your skin, it is able to dissolve some of the cellular connections allowing old cells of the epidermis to hang on. Old cells are exfoliated but connections between healthy skin cells are not disrupted. This breaking apart function encourages both exfoliation of the skin and unclogging of pores.

Hyaluronic Acid:

This is another type of acid that has been growing more popular in skincare. While the word acid may make you think the product is going to burn your face, it is very much the opposite for this particular acid. Hyaluronic acid actually provides mega-moisturization factors for your skin. This is why you will find it most often in products and serums that have a moisturization purpose.

Something different about this acid is that it is made up of hyaluronan which are naturally occurring molecules inside our bodies. Therefore, this acid is already in your skin and can also be found in eyes, internal fluids and connective tissues. The largest amounts can be found within skin. In fact, 50% of all the hyaluronic acid in the body can be found within the skin.

It is most effective for providing lubrication to the connective tissues in skin and is actually important to our skin’s overall health. A study was done involving women who used hyaluronic acid for 8 weeks. It showed that up to 40% of the participants had decreased wrinkles, 96% had enhanced skin hydration and up to 55% had improved firmness and elasticity in their skin.

Products that contain these helpful acids

MDSUN Clarifying Serum

MDSUN is a leading brand in skincare products. Clarifying Serum is their latest breakthrough in skin care treatments. This serum is able to handle several skin care issues and concerns at one time because it contains all three of the acids described above. This one serum is packed with the power of several skin care products in one gentle formula. It boosts moisturization and exfoliation and reduces dark spots and blemishes. Clarifying Serum also contains botanical ingredients that are proven to help calm the skin and prevent redness and irritation.

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