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Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

Currently, face masks are all the rage. This is definitely a good thing considering how well they work if you are using the appropriate one for your skin type. There are so many masks to choose from it can be overwhelming to know which is going to be the best match for you. It is important to choose masks that will nourish your skin, rather than dehydrate and irritate it. Not only is it important to know which face mask is best for you, it is also good to know how often you can use it without damaging your skin. Deciphering this can be enough to make a person want to quit the skin care game entirely.

How often should you use a face mask?

Something to keep in mind though is that every face mask targets a different skin problem.

Most would answer this question by saying a face mask is most helpful and healthy when used once or twice a week. Also, if you read the directions on the back of the majority of face masks they do coincide with this rule as well. Something to keep in mind though is that every face mask targets a different skin problem. So in essence, you could do a charcoal face mask on Monday followed by an avocado mask on Tuesday, a honey-milk mask on Wednesday and so on. Theoretically, this is something that you could do. However, before you decide to buy a face mask for every day of the week be sure to check the ingredients for the safest masks to use daily. The following are safe ingredients to use every day of the week if you chose to do so:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Aloe
  3. Hyaluronic Acid
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Niacinamide

A good rule of thumb to determine if a mask is safe to use on a daily basis is to simply read the label. Does the product indicate it will help with any of the following?

  1. Exfoliating
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Anti-acne

If your answer to the above question is yes, then the mask contains harsh ingredients that are most helpful when used only once or twice per week. If you use the chemicals involved often on your face, your skin will become highly irritated. So it is best to follow the instructions when using a mask that is problem specific.

The best mask for your type of skin

The worst thing you can do is use a mask that is not right for your skin type.

The worst thing you can do is use a mask that is not right for your skin type. Just because every one of your social media pages is raving about a particular mask, it is still best to read the true purpose of the mask and check the ingredients. It is very rare that one skin mask can be universally helpful. Skin care products are not one size fits all. This is why there are so many products offered. There is a solution, though, to all the madness that is skin care. As long as you understand your own skin you should be able to choose the skin masks that are best for you.

Oily skin

Excessive oil may actually be produced when your skin is dehydrated. This is because your skin is overcompensating for the lack of moisture content. Therefore, the treatment for oily skin should never be about stripping the face of all its natural oils. This will only cause further irritation and dryness. Clogged pores are another reason the face begins to produce more oil. So stay away from masks that include pore-clogging ingredients like cocoa butter and beeswax. While these might be extremely helpful ingredients for other skin types, for oily skin they will only encourage more oil. Someone with oily skin needs to look for face masks that include the following ingredients:

  1. Jojoba
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Clay
  4. Glycolic Acid

MDSUN offers a Hydro-recovery mask that works wonders on dehydrated skin. This mask will deliver immediate relief for dehydrated and sensitive skin. It is derived from plant substances that are combined with multivitamins to provide the skin with antioxidants.

MDSUN hydro-recovery mask

Dry skin

For dry skin, choosing the right mask is quite simple. Look for the masks that promote hydration and moisturization. You can also look for ingredients like antioxidants and nourishing oils. These will help to get rid of the bad toxins in your skin without stripping your face of the natural oils that it needs to be healthy.

MDSUN offers a super-brightening mask that is able to breathe life back into skin that appears dull. The mask was created with an innovative formula that includes several ingredients able to fight hyperpigmentation issues and dullness in skin.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin it is so important to remember that less is more. The addition of harsh chemicals and the ingredients of multiple face masks will only create more rashes, redness and acne. Sensitive skin is looking for calming, soothing ingredients that will allow the skin to relax. The best type of mask will be something that detoxifies, soothes and heals. Ingredients to look for are:

  1. Antioxidants
  2. Green tea
  3. Lavender

Acne-Prone Skin

This type of skin can be further damaged if you use pore-clogging masks. Acne-prone skin is caused by imbalances in moisture and of course, clogged pores. It is best to use masks that have no harsh ingredients. Look for ingredients such as:

  1. Rose
  2. Clay
  3. Activated charcoal
  4. Salicylic Acid

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