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Brightening Serums: Why They Are Important and How They Help With Aging

For most skin products we all have the same initial questions. For one, we are curious what exactly the product is going to be doing to our skin. For instance, will it burn, sting or give a calming effect upon application or will the product have a grainy or creamy consistency? Another curiosity that makes many hesitate when purchasing skincare products is wondering if the product is even going to work.

Spending countless hours researching the best product for a particular issue is not something that everyone has time for. Realistically, most shoppers want to be able to trust the products on the shelf in front of them and not question their usability. However, with so many products flooding the aisles it is pertinent to know which products can help with specific problems and which brands are worth your money.

The truth about skin brightening serum

These creams also tend to help with the reduction of age spots.

Brightening serums have been gaining popularity very quickly. This is due to their ability to lighten the skin where the cream is applied, making the user’s natural skin more radiant. It is able to help with many different skin problems as well, a feature that draws a lot of users, due to the fact that this one product is capable of more than one job.

There are more uses for skin brightening creams than just making the skin’s complexion lighter. These creams also tend to help with the reduction of age spots. People may also use this product to create a more youthful glow and appearance during the older stages of life. The dewy appearance these creams leave behind does a great job of making the skin look younger and full of life.

How do skin brightening serums work?

Your skin tone is greatly determined by the amount of melanin in your skin.

Your skin tone is greatly determined by the amount of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair and eyes their color. Someone who is dark skinned will therefore have more melanin in their skin than someone who is lighter skinned. Everyone however, has some level of melanin in their skin, unless they are born with complete albinism. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes.

Melanin provides some protection against skin damage from the UV rays of the sun by producing more melanin when the skin is exposed to sun. Also, with age, concentrated spots of melanin appear. These are called age spots and are very common and generally harmless. They are also referred to as liver spots.

Skin brightening creams work by inhibiting the production of melanin in your body’s skin cells. As you use a skin brightener, the amount of melanin in your skin is reduced and it looks lighter, just as a tan from the sun eventually fades. Your skin becomes lighter by naturally losing the amount of melanin within it.

This is the mechanism for how brightening creams help to reduce age spots. These spots have built up amounts of melanin in the skin. Using a skin brightening cream on them will reduce their appearance by reducing the melanin in the skin in that particular area.

Risks of using a brightening serum

This is a product that is not recommended to be used all over the body. Physicians usually recommend using these types of serums in small, targeted areas. This means using it on specific age spots that are noticeable and might be bothersome and using it on the face.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a brightening serum is that the ingredients tend to increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. Therefore, it is recommended that you use these serums at night. Using them at the beginning of the day may cause your skin to burn faster than you expect. If you are someone who wants to use this serum in the mornings, be sure to use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Other than increased reactions to the sun’s UV rays and only using it in small amounts on the face and specific age spots, there are no risks to using these serums. However, it is a good idea when adding any intense product to your daily routine to consult with your doctor or dermatologist first to get their professional opinion.

Where to find a skin brightening serum

MDSUN Super Brightening C Serum

MDSUN is a leading brand in modern skin care technologies and has had amazing results in those who have used their products regularly. Their high quality brightener serum is packed full of effective ingredients that has proven results amongst its users. The smooth texture of the serum glides onto the face with ease causing no sensations other than that of a light cream being applied to the face. Once applied to the face the skin will be left feeling soft and supple as opposed to tacky and dehydrated. A little goes a very long way when using this concentrated product.

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