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Covid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Events

As we pack away our Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, it is time to open a bottle of champagne and say hello to the year of 2021. Although 2020 has not been an ideal year, it has taught us valuable lessons of understanding the little moments in life. We urge you to while still have fun on New Year’s Eve, but also to remain safe. With that stated, enjoy reading these fun events that you and your loved ones can participate in.

Virtual Countdown

Although you won’t be able to participate in a large gathering (at least in Los Angeles), that still doesn’t mean you can’t do a virtual countdown with your friends and family. Set up a Facetime, Zoom, or Skype call and countdown to the year of 2021.


On New Year’s Eve, you and your friends can socially distance, while bringing each other’s favorite foods. Together, you guys can eat these gourmet snacks while watching a movie. Additionally, you may want to reflect and discuss what 2020 has brought to you and what you wish to let go.


Journal Party

Creating New Year’s resolutions are extremely important – they help to set 2021 right, and become your motivation to become a better you. You may want to customize a vision board, or just write down your resolutions in a journal. Grab a friend on Facetime, and together you can write down your aspirations and goals.

Additionally, if one of your goals is to have clear skin, then MDSUN will be able to help with that.


MDSUN’s Repair Moisturizer works well with dry, combination, sensitive, and damaged skin. The benefits of this product are to help with sun exposure, restore skin barrier, and give a complete hydration. The main ingredients are: DNA, DNA Repair Enzyme, Thioctic Acid (ALA), Q10, Vitamin E , Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C), and Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6). As Vitamin E works well to combat redness, Vitamin E builds collagen.

Wish Paper Send Off

Wish paper is a unique way to write down your “wishes” on a piece of paper, only to light them, and catch the burnt paper as it falls down. Wish paper is specifically designed to rise up and down as you burn them. Once you catch them, you can blow the burnt paper out. Have a wish paper gathering with you and your family!


When you’re participating in these events, just remember that these small moments should not be taken for granted and to enjoy the present. Happy New Year’s Eve!



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