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Elastin: What It Does and Why It Is Important to the Skin Around the Eyes

While the use of proper skin care products is extremely important, it is also very motivating when you understand how these products are helping your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and is much more complex than it may seem. There are parts of the skin that when aided with targeted products can really enhance its overall appearance and health. Collagen is commonly talked and known about, but it has a lesser known partner that is also very helpful to your skin: elastin.

What is elastin?

Elastin, also known as ELN, is a protein that can be found within connective tissues of the skin.

Elastin is usually a word that you come across when you are reading about collagen. It is also a word that you might be familiar with if you are highly interested in beauty and skin products. Elastin is a crucial part of keeping your skin’s appearance youthful and glowing. As you get older, the wrinkles and lines on your face have a major connection to elastin.

Elastin, also known as ELN, is a protein that can be found within connective tissues of the skin. It is found in other parts of the body, but in this case, the elastin in skin is what will be the focus. The largest amount of elastin can be found within the dermis layer of the skin.

As you can most likely derive from the name, elastin adds elasticity to your skin. When you stretch, pinch or move your skin in any way, it always goes back to its original form once you stop. This is accomplished by elastin. One of its most important jobs is to allow your skin to keep its form when it is altered in any way. Imagine your skin without elastin. Any time your skin was touched or stretched it would be left with a really awkward appearance. Elastin is vitally important in allowing your skin to bounce back after being moved from its natural position.

How is elastin formed?

As mentioned, elastin is a protein that can be found in the skin and in many other places in the body. Another protein known as tropoelastin is a precursor of elastin. It is this protein that your body uses to build elastin. Elastin is comprised principally of an amorphous component and a fibrillar component. These components are made up of amino acids, including glycine, valine and proline. These are all major parts of elastin. To form elastin, the enzyme lysyl oxidase catalyzes a reaction that brings together numerous tropoelastin molecules. This is why tropoelastin is considered a precursor to elastin. It is necessary to have one before the other can be created.

How does elastin help your body and skin?

 Elastin helps regulate pressure and facilitate blood flow.

Elastin is very important to not only your skin, but other parts of your body too. For instance it plays a vital role in arteries, especially the aorta. Elastin helps regulate pressure and facilitate blood flow. It also functions in the lungs and the bladder to help with movement and elasticity in these organs.

As your grow older your body produces less and less of this protein. This decline can begin as early as age twenty. By midlife, the body produces so little elastin that changes in your skin become noticeable: more wrinkles and more sagging in areas where your skin was once tight.

Why the skin around your eyes needs elastin

Why the skin around your eyes needs elastin

A specific area that tends to be a large aging concern is around the eyes. This is one of the first places many see visible signs of aging. The skin in this area is delicate and extremely thin, becoming even thinner with age. The areas around your eyes are especially vulnerable to dark circles, wrinkles, crows feet, sagging and swelling.

A product that is great for boosting elastin in this area is offered by MDSUN. Their Intensive Eye Gel addresses delicate skin concerns. This gel leaves the skin more firm, moisturized and radiant. The formula is specific to help support natural elastin production, which helps soften expressions, fine lines, wrinkles and swelling. These are all things that can be improved by the production of more elastin in the skin of the eye area. MDSUN is a leading brand that has a proven track record. You can trust that their products work.

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