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Eye Cream: Why It Is Important and How the Skin Under the Eyes Is Different

With so many products flooding the market, it can be hard to determine which are necessary for healthy skin. Upon going to a drugstore to find your skin care needs, marketing will tell you every product is something that you need to start using. Upon asking a dermatologist, you will find a much different answer.

Eye creams, especially tend to be under scrutiny as products that may not be necessary for daily use. Truth is, eye creams are extremely necessary and a great product to use to keep the skin around your eyes healthy.

What is different about the skin under the eyes?

This skin is very thin and extremely  sensitive. It is the first to show signs of age and also the first to show signs of exhaustion.

The skin that is under the eyes is very different from the skin anywhere else on the body. The unique properties of this skin requires subtle differences in the products used on it. Even the way that we apply products to this area should be different than how we apply products anywhere else.

One main reason so many people spend time caring for the skin under the eyes is because it is prone to highly noticeable wrinkles, dark spots and puffiness.

This skin is very thin and extremely sensitive. It is the first to show signs of age and also the first to show signs of exhaustion. It isn’t rare to have someone ask if you are tired, due to puffiness around your eyes. When you are tired, dark circles might also be something that appear under your eyes. This area of our skin also reacts badly to any skin care products that are subpar. Using bad ingredients may cause irritation or inflammation that results in hyperpigmentation. While too much sun exposure is bad for all skin, it is especially bad for the under eye area.

The science of the skin under our eyes

The skin under our eyes is much more photosensitive and environmentally sensitive compared to other skin.

The eyes are the most important sensory organs we have and our bodies seem to naturally accommodate and protect these special organs. The skin under our eyes is much more photosensitive and environmentally sensitive compared to other skin. It covers the fat pads that cushion and protect the eyeballs from trauma or injury. However, the under eye area is not as mobile as the upper eyelids. Therefore, the underlying muscles are not nearly as thick and are much less well developed than that of your upper eyelids.

What problems arise under the eyes?

Our under eye area is much more susceptible to issues and problems due to its thin nature. Sleep deprivation, fighting a cold and dehydration can all cause dark circles and puffiness to occur under the eyes. The blood vessels here that supply oxygen and nutrients are smaller in thin skin. If you are exhausted or sick, the thinnest parts of skin on the body are going to show this first. In order to keep yourself and your under eye area healthy it is good practice to stay hydrated, get enough sleep and eat nourishing foods for your skin.

As mentioned above, the skin under the eyes is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. The skin here loses its elasticity faster and the fat deposits underneath start to shrink. This creates a puffy look to your eyes. Sometimes this causes the eyes to look sunken. This is why it is so important to protect this skin from sun damage and to use appropriate skin care products. This will boost the strength of your skin and promote collagen growth. All of this will help to retain structural integrity.

What is an eye cream?

This answer lies within the formulation of the individual cream itself. Creams are water soluble preparations formulated to target specific skin concerns. Some eye creams include anti aging ingredients to reduce signs of aging while they also encourage hydration.

It is important to remember when applying eye cream that you must not use the same methods as you would applying cream to other parts of the body. This area is thin and prone to bruising. Use a small amount of cream on your finger and a very light touch when patting the cream onto your skin. Pushing too hard could actually cause bruising.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream

MDSUN is a skin care brand that offers state of the art products that have a history of effectiveness. Their Med-Eye Complex Cream is infused with over a dozen peptides, ceramides plus vitamins A and E. This powerful eye cream visibly promotes firmness and increases blood circulation. It also deeply hydrates the eye area to reduce signs of aging. You can use it day and night to produce a youthful appearance and glow.

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