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How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

“How do I get rid of my crow’s feet?” is one of the most common questions asked in dermatologists’ offices everywhere. The skin surrounding the eyes has the most-oft moved muscles of the face, but has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face. More movement and less lubrication means more wrinkles, and faster. But there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

Topical Cosmetic Fillers

Hyaluronic acid and silicones are able to temporarily draw water into the skin

Hyaluronic acid and silicones are able to temporarily draw water into the skin, reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and creating a slight swelling of the skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid in particular also helps to temporarily stabilize and maintain the complex intercellular matrix, which is the “glue” that holds the skin together. This gives the skin a smoother appearance. The results last up to eight hours.

Wrinkle Repairing Ingredients

retinol can greatly improve the appearance of crow's feet.

Retinoids are the gold standard in anti aging, but have been shown to temporarily thin the skin and make it photosensitive, which is why strong concentrations generally aren’t recommended for use under the eyes. However, with regular use, paired with an SPF in the morning (EVERY morning), retinol can greatly improve the appearance of crow’s feet. If you really want to bring in the big guns to fight your crows feet, use topical SPF and vitamin C in the morning, then peptides and retinol at night.

Try MDSUN Med-Eye Complex

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex

Med-Eye Complex is infused with over a dozen peptides, ceramides, human fibroblast conditioned media (stem cells), human adipose stem cells, and vitamins A and E. This powerful eye cream visibly promotes firmness, increases blood circulation and deeply hydrates the eye area to reduce the signs of aging.

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