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Green Tea Extract: How It Helps the Skin

There are several new ingredients that are coming into the skincare world. Green tea extract is one of these odd ingredients that is beneficial to skin in many different ways. Green tea is extremely healthy for you. It is believed that brews of this tea can increase memory function and concentration. On top of those two things, it may be able to boost immunity, energy levels and more.

How green tea helps the skin

When it comes to skin health, drinking green tea has been found to delay skin aging, protect skin from UV rays, improve skin tone and reduce acne. With one ingredient able to do so much, it’s no wonder the extract is popping up in several different beauty products all over the internet. Brands are jumping at the chance to add green tea extract into their skin care lines for topical application, which still allows all of the benefits of green tea to help your skin.

green tea has been found to delay skin aging, protect skin from UV rays, improve skin tone and reduce acne.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants and other properties which can fight inflammation and bacteria. Published in a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Dermatology, it was suggested that based on several studies, green tea actually possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic potential. This can be exploited against a variety of skin concerns. The research goes on to say that supplementation of skin care products with green tea may have a profound impact on various skin disorders in the years to come as the research widens.

Green tea fights the signs of aging

Antioxidants are our most powerful weapon in the fight against aging, and those known as catechins are particularly potent. In particular, the catechin EGCG is especially beneficial and makes up a large percentage of the catechins in green tea. EGCG has been found in research to reactivate dying skin cells. Although limited to the outer layer of skin, the research suggests that this benefit is significant. The reason the benefits are limited to the outer layer of skin is that the ingredients do not absorb into the skin beyond that. Other antioxidants in green tea prevent free radical damage and encourage healing of cells. All of which fight signs of premature aging like age spots, wrinkles and sun damage from UV rays.

Sun protection

 the equivalent of two cups of green tea a day can reduce both the inflammation and skin redness

Drinking green tea has been shown in several scientific studies to protect the skin and neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays. According to one study, the equivalent of two cups of green tea a day can reduce both the inflammation and skin redness associated with sun exposure. The researchers suggest that green tea exerts protection against sunburn inflammation.

Treat oily skin

Tannins found in green tea extract work as a astringent, diminishing the appearance of the pores when used. It reduces the production of sebum, the skin’s natural oil, by the glands in each pore. This makes it a much better solution than harsh conventional treatments, which work by removing excess oil from the surface, rather than by reducing production. In fact, one study showed 70% reduction in sebum production after participants used a product containing 3% green tea extract for a period of about eight weeks.

Eliminating acne and blackheads

Green tea used topically, as stated above, has been shown in at least three studies to treat mild to moderate acne. Each study showed over 50% improvement in symptoms during the research period. In one particular study, when 2% green tea lotion was applied twice daily for six weeks participants had 58% reduction in their total lesions and 39% decrease in severity of their acne. Of course, the tea’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties all help to fight both acne and blackheads when applied topically. This makes it a safe and cost-effective alternative to other skin treatments that are on the market currently.

Products with green tea extract as an ingredient

MDSUN Soothener

MDSUN is a skincare brand that offers products with innovative ingredients such as green tea extract. Their Soothener is extra-gentle and soothes the skin. Moisture-bursting and effective antioxidants such as vitamin B and green tea extract, provide additional nourishments, calm redness and aid overall skin wellness.

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