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Heat Activated Eye and Face Masks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In these modern times in which technology proliferates into almost every aspect of our lives, it seems as if everything has a brain. There appears to be nothing on the market these days that can’t independently do what it’s designed to do. There are self-driving cars, self-flying planes, self-cooking ovens, self-cooling cups, self-heating mugs, and even self-cleaning litter boxes. Well, now we can add a new item to the list of products with minds of their own: the self-heating face mask.

If these masks really do what they claim to do, then this could be a new bit of technology in skin care. While it may seem a little scary to allow something that heats up on its own to lay on the skin of your face, there is a method to this. You may be able to better warm up to these masks when you learn that there is scientific evidence behind how these masks work.

How do the masks work?

There are chemicals in these masks that produce an exothermic reaction when reacting with water

There are chemicals in these masks that produce an exothermic reaction when reacting with water, generating heat almost instantly. This response allows the product to better penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin.

Zeolite is a mineral that is commonly used in these masks. It can be found in volcanic ash and rocks. When zeolite comes into contact with water, chemical bonds break, releasing energy as heat. This is the heat that you feel from one of the heat-up face masks. In response, circulation increases, allowing oil reducing ingredients such as kaolin, to detoxify the skin.

Why use a self-heating face mask?

Some have compared these masks to the use of other skin care treatments, such as a steamer, on the face. A steamer is also able to activate products and enzymes that are on and within the skin. Steam also has the ability to soften everything in the pores to prep for extractions. The takeaway from this is that if receiving a professional facial is not realistic for you, the self-heating mask will provide similar benefits.

Steam also has the ability to soften everything in the pores to prep for extractions.

So, the science behind these masks checks out, but do they work better than temperature stabilized masks? Self-heating masks help cleanse pores and activate blood circulation. Anything that involves the pore opening will react especially well to the heat that comes along with these masks. The heat generated by the chemicals allows the other ingredients in the mask to work deeper to absorb oil and impurities better than that of a mask that does not have heating technology.

Another benefit to using this type of mask is not actually scientific, but it is therapeutic. The heat that the mask puts off is extremely relaxing. A mask such as this may be able to provide comfort on a cold morning or evening.

Below is a an excerpt from the patent for the self-heating mask technology. Before these masks were even produced for use by the public the scientists behind them knew the heat would bring about pleasant feelings and relaxation:

“Heat-producing compositions are desirable because they feel warm and pleasant sensation on the skin. The warm feeling is typically more appealing than compositions that feel cold when applied to the body and facial skin. This is particularly, the case when using massage products on the body. The relaxation and enjoyment of a massage is rudely interrupted by the anticipation and shock of a cold product being applied to the body, having a normal body temperature.”

How to properly use a self-heating mask

Massage the mask into your face for about sixty seconds.

A large majority of these masks on the market are extremely similar. The only thing that differs is the brand. Therefore, the directions for proper use of these masks are all very similar as well.

After breaking the seal on the package, squeeze the mask into your hands. The product will begin heating immediately. Massage the mask into your face for about sixty seconds. If you want to increase the temperature of the ask just add some water but be careful never to add too much water, as it could make it difficult for the mask to stay on your face. The mask will begin its work as soon as it makes contact with the skin. After working it into your skin, rinse with cool water. Your skin will feel tingly for a while after taking the mask off and most users report instant radiance along with a lovely warming experience.

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