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How a Simple Step Makes a Huge Difference

In skincare routines, cleansing may seem to be the least luxurious and important step to achieve perfect skin. In fact, people are more prone to pay less on cleansers than on expensive toners and serums because cleansers don’t necessarily combat ‘skin worries’ as specific as other products. However, cleansing is much more than an underrated process- cleansing allows you to replenish your skin as well as saving you from potential, future breakouts.

How Cleansing is Different for Everyone:

It should be pointed out that everyone’s skin type is different and unique. While some may struggle with dry and flaky skin, others may have acne-prone skin that contains uneven texture and cystic pimples. This allows for people to have different skincare routines ranging from what kind of serums, toners, and treatments they have stored in their cabinets. Based upon the variety of treatments others may have can highly affect what cleanser they need.

For example, for someone with sensitive skin, they may want to steer clear of heavily used cleansers related to any type of harsh acne-treatment chemical. Instead, they would need to focus on a simple and gentle cleanser that does not strip them away from their skin’s essential oils. While an acne-prone user, who has a variety of strong chemicals in their skincare routine, may want to lean towards a gentle and medical cleanser because too many large quantities of acne-fighting ingredients may worsen the skin.


Benefits of Using Proper Cleansers

Dependent on your skin type, you could either be cleansing twice a day or once a day. Nonetheless, cleansing is the number one procedure someone does after working out or after a long day of wearing makeup. When you cleanse your face, not only do you feel refreshed but your skin does as well. This is because cleansing allows you to get rid of the buildup of dirt, oil, and bacteria that leeches onto the skin.

Not only does cleansing get rid of these undesirable toxins, but it also helps to restore your skin pH level. The pH level, otherwise known as a potential for hydrogen, is a measurement that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is. While the skin ranges to 4.7-5.5 PH balance, cleansers that do not strip away the natural pH balance and are higher than 7 are more sought after.

Finally, cleansers are important because they are the first item that touches the skin. So instead of opting for a cleanser that may seem aggressive, go for a less aggressive cleanser that will help to heal the skin.

So Why MDSUN’s Cleansers?

Different cleansers work to tackle different problems. This is exactly why it is important for a skincare line to have a variety of different products.

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