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How To Have An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

As the winter season is known for stuffing yourself with oversized hoodies and jackets, there seems to be a new trend approaching: Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

What Are Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Christmas sweaters have always been around – but ugly Christmas sweaters definitely are a game changer. “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” started simply as a trend where you and your family members can see who has the most unattractive sweater.


There are many different sizes and shapes for these sweaters, and the objective of decorating one’s sweater is simple: just make it ugly.

How To Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party:

Due to Covid, you may need to socially distance yourself. You can either throw a virtual video chat with your long-distance family members, or a six feet apart (with masks included) party.


The objective of this party is to simply design your own “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. You can either choose to put confetti on it, sprinkle in terrible song lyrics, put mismatched colors, or really anything. Whoever has the ugliest sweater, wins.

However, if you’re feeling unmotivated with finding the perfect ugly sweater here are some websites that you could buy from.


Although Christmas Sweater parties can be fun, exchanging Christmas presents can be even more fun.


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