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Human Stem Cells Part 3: How They Are Used in Skin Care Products and Where to Find Products with Stem Cells in the Ingredients

On the breaking edge of skin care science at the moment are studies of human stem cells and their inclusion in skin care products. For the most part these studies have been very conclusive on one major point concerning human stem cells. These cells, when used in skin care products are able to drastically improve deterioration caused by aging. Considering anti-aging products are a major part of many people’s skin care regimen, the news that stem cells are a new way to look younger really caught the attention of people all over the United States.

If you have yet to read parts one and two of this human stem cell series, it would be best to go back and start with the two preliminary posts. The information in this post will be directly building on the information given in posts one and two.

Cytokines are the key to benefits from stem cells

Naturally produced stem cells have anti-inflammatory tendencies.

Upon reaching the end of the previous post of this series (post 2) you learned that one major complication of stem cells that are grown in culture (in a laboratory) is that they may have inflammatory or anti-inflammatory tendencies depending on how they are cultured. The opposite is true of human stem cells straight from the human body. Naturally produced stem cells have anti-inflammatory tendencies. This means that the science of stem cell use in skincare products must be well researched and rigorously implemented.

Products that contain stem cells combine them in a number of ways to create the appropriate reaction with the skin. There are products employing parthenogenetic stem cells, which are unfertilized embryonic cells. Sometimes the added growth factors in a product may be from the medium used to grow the stem cells. Conditioned medium is spent media harvested from cultured cells. It contains metabolites, growth factors, and extracellular matrix proteins secreted into the medium by the cultured cells. There are other products that use human fibroblasts instead of stem cells. While this may initially seem more confusing, the use of fibroblasts in skin care actually makes a lot of sense and is directly related to MSCs.

Fibroblast is the term for a cell type of mesenchymal origin that resides in connective tissue. In essence, fibroblasts are directly related to the stem cell population that plays the primary role in human healing and that delivers anti-aging benefits to the skin. Collagen is one of the major fibroblast products.

The key to skin benefit from the use of stem cells is the associated cytokines.

Damage to tissue stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts and increases the discharge of the cytokines which have a positive impact on repair of such damage. Cytokines are cell signalling molecules that aid cell to cell communication in immune responses. They also stimulate the movement of cells toward sites of inflammation, infection and trauma. As described in the previous post in this series (post 2), cytokines alter the behavior of local cells, changing the expression of their DNA and other aspects of their makeup. These are the things that lead to a healing process or regeneration. All of this is now thought to be the main purpose of human stem cells and this is why they are so beneficial to the anti-aging process.

The key to skin benefit from the use of stem cells is the associated cytokines. They include hundreds of highly specialized signaling molecules enabling cells to communicate directly to one another. They are also able to alter cellular behavior.

Products that contain human stem cells

MDSUN line up

MDSUN is a skin care brand that offers state of the art products that are always up to date with breaking edge scientific discoveries. Their collagen lift is a potent skin care treatment that delivers obvious results in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It also is able to stimulate the skin’s vitality and improve overall texture of the skin. It is infused with peptides, cellular extracts and a high percentage of human stem cells. This product is able to rejuvenate the skin cells for a strong and very long-lasting radiant effect.

MDSUN also offers a wrinkle smoothener that is powered by peptides, alpha-lipoic acid and none other than stem cells and conditioned media. This smoothener reduces wrinkle depth and improves the skin’s overall texture while quenching skin-damaging free radicals with antioxidants (vitamin C). Because it aids collagen synthesis, it contributes to both the repair and prevention of photoaging. Effective hydration supports a rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

Both of the above products are listed on the MDSUN website and both are proven to have effective results. Head to the website now to get your hands on one of these stem cell infused products.

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