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Makeup Skin Care Tips for Glowing, Healthy Skin

It can be a daunting task to develop a skin routine that is going to work for the very specific needs of your skin. While the types of skin care products you are using are vital to the health of your skin, there is another factor at play. Makeup plays a very large role in the status of your skin.

Your makeup can react to the changes in weather and day to day activities to affect your skin. Some of these effects are harmless, but others can cause skin problems. Your makeup can even react differently with your skin when the weather begins to change outside. Harsh winds can create a more cracked and flakey appearance rather than the dewy, healthy skin you are used to, while high levels of heat can cause sweat which may react with makeup to affect facial skin. There is also a greater risk for developing dry skin in the colder months. Layering makeup overtop of dry skin can cause further irritation. The below 5 tips are great ways to counteract these effects on your skin, while keeping your makeup routine consistent.

Always moisturize

It is beyond important to keep skin well moisturized.

It is beyond important to keep skin well moisturized. Most foundations lack a moisturizing component. Therefore, when putting foundation on, it may lift the natural moisture from your skin and dehydrate it.

There are two ways to easily add moisturizer into your foundation routine. Before putting any makeup on, use a moisturizing primer. There are several brands that sell moisturizing primers that will prepare your skin for a day of makeup without drying it out. These types of primers are going to be lightweight and have a buttery consistency when rubbed into your skin. A second way to add moisturizer is to begin using a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation. Making this change is similar to mixing cream into your foundation. There are sheer tinted moisturizers and full coverage options that will keep skin healthy and makeup flawless.

Moisturizers can do double duty when they incorporate a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. It should be effective against both ultraviolet A and B radiation (broad spectrum). Protecting your skin from photodamage now will make your makeup routine much simpler later!

Tone down the use of powders

The entire point of putting a powder on your face is to soak up unwanted oils

The entire point of putting a powder on your face is to soak up unwanted oils from your skin. During the warmer months, these oils can be a nuisance when skin is naturally well moisturized and is not in any need of additional oil. However, in the winter, when skin is at its driest, these natural oils are completely necessary to keeping healthy, hydrated skin. Also during the winter, skin is able to produce far less natural oil than it does in the summer. Therefore, removing these oils with powder speeds up the drying process and further irritates the skin. It is in your best interest to allow some of these oils to build up your skin’s natural barrier function as opposed to blotting them away.

Waterproof your makeup

Wind, rain, sweat and snow can cause the makeup around your eyes to melt away, potentially running into them. This can cause redness in the eyes and can even result in eye infections if there is enough buildup. The simple solution is to wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara to keep makeup in the proper places even if the outside elements are landing directly on your eyelashes.

Tinted lip balm

Liquid lipstick and normal lipsticks can be very damaging to lips. The skin of your lips is fragile and it doesn’t take much to make them dry out and develop cracks. While it may look great, layering liquid lipstick only further dehydrates them. It can be extremely helpful to give them a break at times and use a tinted lip balm to allow your lips to regain hydration.

Don’t go overboard with your makeup

Focus on your eyes in the colder months. Make them pop and let your skin breathe.

With skin being so sensitive, it is best to opt for lighter amounts of makeup. The weather is sure to add natural color to your face, so save products and your skin by not applying as much on days when the heat index is high or the weather is cold. Focus on your eyes in the colder months. Make them pop and let your skin breathe.

If you use a setting spray over finished makeup, you are most likely used to coating your face before you go about your day. However, it is best to begin using a hydration setting spray, or something that is going to leave skin dewy instead of mattified.

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