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How Moisturizing Helps with Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

As the years pass, signs of age will begin to show on our faces. It is inevitable and unstoppable. But wrinkles and other signs of age can be minimized. This is why most skincare brands put so much energy into creating new products to reverse the signs of time on the face.

How a wrinkle forms

The wrinkles that you will first see are ones due to facial expressions.

The wrinkles that you will first see are ones due to facial expressions. When you smile, your entire face moves. Your eyes and mouth, even your cheeks engage into the smile. This also occurs when you show other emotions. Creating these expressions over and over again, will create lines and wrinkles on your face. According to the Mayo Clinic, each time a person uses a facial muscle, a groove forms under the surface of the skin. Over time, the skin’s resilience fades and the groove becomes apparent.

There are other things that contribute to wrinkles. Sun damage, smoking, dehydration, medications, environmental factors and even genetic factors are all able to cause wrinkles and lines on the skin over time. Most of the wrinkles on your body will appear in the areas that experience the most sun exposure.

As a person ages, the skin becomes thinner and drier, losing elasticity over time. The younger you are the more elasticity your skin has. The elasticity of young skin allows it to bounce back, but with age the springing back becomes much more difficult for your skin. With the thinning and loss of elasticity, the evidence of sun damage will become more apparent.

Exposure to ultraviolet light breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. These fibers are part of the connective tissue located under the surface and they act as a support system. Break down of these fibers causes the skin to become less resilient, allowing it to droop and wrinkles to form.

How moisturizers can help with wrinkles

Moisturizing does a lot of amazing things for skin, but it cannot fully take away wrinkles.

There are many ingredients and products that have been proven helpful to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. A moisturizer functions to prevent dry or oily skin, or keep skin hydrated. A moisturizer is also able to help with wrinkles on the face. When an emollient is applied to the skin, it is able to fill in the depth of a wrinkle and reduce its noticeability. Also, when the skin absorbs moisture and it is locked in by an occlusive, the skin plumps and this lessens the appearance of wrinkles. While these effects are only temporary, they work and are why so many people start using repair moisturizers as soon as they see signs of aging on their faces.

Moisturizing does a lot of amazing things for skin, but it cannot fully take away wrinkles. In order for a wrinkle to be completely repaired by a moisturizer, the product would have to penetrate through the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin and enter into the dermis layer. The skin’s barrier function generally prevents this. However, topical retinoic acid penetrates through and is thought to start repairing the broken collagen that can be found in this layer of skin. The collagen that needs repair is the main reason that wrinkles develop.

Treatment options for wrinkles and fine lines

MDSUN Repair Moisturizer

There are several treatment options for wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. More invasive treatments are surgery, neuromodulator injections or fillers. If you are looking for something that is less invasive, repair moisturizers are great temporary fillers for wrinkles and lines.

MDSUN is a leading brand in skin care products. All of their products are based on scientific evidence and have proven results in helping with many different types of skincare issues. MDSUN offers an ultra-restorative moisturizer which contains a revolutionary formula that is designed to help dramatically minimize the appearance of wrinkles and visible signs of aging on the face. This moisturizer helps to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, and repair damaged skin cells beneath the surface. It also works to neutralize free radicals which contribute to premature wrinkles and signs of aging on the face. This is an easy moisturizer to fit into your everyday skincare routine.

Moisturizer is something that should probably already be a part of your skincare routine, but if it is not, your doctor will most likely recommend it. Reducing the likelihood of wrinkles on your face can start at any time, but if wrinkles are something that you currently struggle with, order the ultra-repair cream and start now to reduce the look of aging on your face.

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