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Music Artists That You Need To Listen To

Whether in the car with your best friends, or singing in the shower, music is something that can be heard anytime and anywhere. While it may be boring to hear the same music every day, here are some fun, sad, or inspirational artists that you’re missing out on.

Cuco, or Omar Banos, is a pop-loving musician that combines both Spanish and English into his lyrics. He has over four million monthly listeners on Spotify and never fails to sing about relatable love songs. This ambitious Mexican-American artist always keeps it real with his fans about love and especially portrays this through the song, “Bossa No Sé.”

Source: Abraham Recio/Courtesy of the artist


Joji, or George Miller, Pink Guy, or a member of 88Rising, is mostly known for his sad love songs. If you need an artist to cry or sing late at night, Joji is the one for you. Joji has an interesting palette of choice when it comes down to lyrics and when asked about why he chose ballads from, “I Can’t Get Over You” he simply stated, “Ballads are memorable.”

Source: 88rising Youtube


WYS is perfect to listen to after a long day of work or when you need to study. Either way, this music makes it easy to relax and wind down. If you’re craving for lofi-beats music, WYS is definitely the way to go.

Source: G Sounds Youtube


Frank Ocean, a phenomenal R&B and pop artist, has created songs all the way from about insecurity to “Super Rich Kids” that experience the dark side about being wealthy. He is most well known for “Channel Orange” and has more than fourteen million monthly singers.

Source: Frank Ocean Spotify


So while you jam out to these artists late at night, why not do a quick essence as another self-care step?

MDSUN’s Soothener is an essence that calms rough texture on the skin as well leaving your skin replenished and smooth. MDSUN’s Soothener contains Purified Feverfew PFE, Avena Sativa Extract, K2, Gingko Biloba Extract, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Panthenol B5. Avena Sativa Extract is able to fight against dry or acne-prone skin, while Gingko Biloba Extract lessens wrinkles and helps with the skin’s overall complexion.

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