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Skin Care While Traveling? There Is a Solution

Travelling can be a lot of fun; but it can also be enormously stressful. There are many, many things to plan and take care of to make any trip a success. Even the shortest trip means an interruption in your normal schedule (unless you happen to travel for work), and longer than that only complicates matters. Not only do you have to worry about packing, the logistics of transportation and lodging, along with the arrangements for everyone with you, but you also have to make arrangements to take care of your home, mail, and any pets that you are leaving home. Most people never stop to think about the complications of skin care while they are on the road until they are suffering the consequences. Fortunately, if you are reading this, you will be well equipped to take care of your skin.

Preparing for a Trip

Prep skin before take-off by treating it to an easy, two-step, at-home facial.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself if you are going to be travelling and you care about your skin is to prepare. This means taking a few different steps. The website Orbitz has the following tip that we fully endorse as the first of those:

Prep skin before take-off by treating it to an easy, two-step, at-home facial. Start by choosing a facial scrub with exfoliating [action] to help refine texture and fine lines, followed by a hydrating gel mask with soothing properties from natural ingredients like green tea, aloe or honey. This will restore suppleness and moisture into the skin, resulting in fabulous vacation photos. Your skin will also be better prepared to handle the harsh external effects of traveling, including fluctuating altitudes and dry, circulated air.

The Importance of Moisturizing and Sunscreen

The effects of cabin pressure and the air on a plane tend to be very dehydrating.

If you are going to be flying for any length of time at the start of your trip it will be important to make sure that you heavily moisturize before takeoff. The effects of cabin pressure and the air on a plane tend to be very dehydrating. (Source). Combine this with drinking a lot of water and using water sprays on your face. Hands tend to dry out quickly in unfamiliar environments and with rapid climate changes, as do feet, so use a lot of moisturizer on both. Also, while you are up in the air or on the road it is a good idea to skip wearing foundation; instead use a tinted moisturizer if you need some color or use a shimmery powder. In fact, most makeup should be left aside if you can stand to – along with brightly colored nail polish that when chipped will make you look ‘unfinished.’

If you are going to be in a cold or dry climate be sure that you continue to focus on hydration, for your body and your skin. Also, if you are spending any time out of doors during daylight hours be liberal with the sunscreen. The sunscreen rule also applies to being on a plane. Many people don’t realize that you can burn when you are flying, but you are closer to the sun than you were on the ground and UV radiation comes through the plane’s windows.

Beauty Tips for Travel

Beauty experts also recommend that you get as much sleep as you can

If you are going to be in a hot and humid environment you will still need to focus on staying hydrated, but you will be seeking to control the oils that will accumulate on your skin when you sweat. Blotting paper will help to keep the shine on your face under control while leaving a glow behind.

Beauty experts also recommend that you get as much sleep as you can, control your intake of alcohol and sugars, and that you avoid touching your face with your hands. Because your skin is likely going to be more sensitive and prone to breakouts than it is at home, your habits and the extra oil, dirt and bacteria on your hands can instigate this. For this same reason, it is really important to carry the right products with you – products that you know will help you not only take care of your skin, but keep it pampered and healthy for the entire trip. This means having wipes that will really cleanse your skin well without drying or damaging it, as well as a great cleanser, good toner, revitalizing masks, and moisturizers.

Luckily for travelers that really care about their skin, MDSUN makes a Luxury Travel Set. This kit comes packaged in a fashionable bag that is suitable for even those with the most discriminating taste. Inside are a range of products to keep you gorgeous. This is a complete regimen of clinically proven, signature products to completely transform your skin for a youthful, radiant, smoother, and firmer look while you travel.

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