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The Biggest Eyebrow Trends of 2018

Fall is upon us. The kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down, and fashion is changing. The one thing we hope doesn’t change are the hottest eyebrow trends of 2018! This year is ripe with shapes that are still classy with an added hint of the dramatic.

As we head into the season of bonfires, social gatherings, tailgate parties, and parent-teacher meetings, make sure you’re looking your best!

How is 2018 Different for Eyebrows?

this year is all about natural arches and textures.

While super-shaped eyebrows were the dominating feature of 2017, this year is all about natural arches and textures. Gone are the days of the crazy brow trends, though they were fun while they lasted. People are growing theirs out to their fullest. The focus on eyebrows as a beauty trend is incredibly in demand.

The Most Popular Eyebrow Trends of 2018

  • Straight Eyebrow

Straight brows are exactly that: almost straight across the face. It’s a look that can be achieved whether your eyebrows are naturally arched or not. We started seeing it a few years ago in the K Beauty space, but since then, it’s taken off in America, too.

They look the best on people with oval-shaped faces, lending themselves to people with thick brows that don’t necessarily want to take the time to tweeze them regularly just yet. Try using a brow pomade, rather than a pencil to get that sharp, defined line.

  • Curved Eyebrow

These are not as dramatic as they sound, or used to be. No need to over pluck; they aren’t the strong arch and taper like we’ve been used to in the past. They actually frame the eye with a soft curve upward, then they taper towards the end.

This look can work with as a natural look or with full glam-mode. It works well for diamond-shaped faces, giving the face a slightly narrower look. Try a brow pencil with a stiff, squared-off tip.

  • Soft Arch

The soft arch is definitely the most popular trend this year.

The soft arch is definitely the most popular trend this year. Many beauty bloggers and others you see on social media are sporting this look. It is almost a compromise between a straight brow and a curved one.

This brow looks great on just about everyone. Try a micro brow pencil, with a thin tip that allows you to control the placement of your arch.

  • High Arch

These have a more defined arch than other shapes and can bring more attention to the face. It really gives the face definition.

High arched eyebrows are great for people with round, cherub faces, as well as for those with thick brows that want more definition. Concealer is your new best friend, especially between appointments.

  • Textured Eyebrow

Also known as the “boy brow” or natural brow, this trend is a much more naturally “untamed” look. It embraces the natural shape and thickness of your eyebrows and has really been gaining popularity. You can go for either the unplucked, messy look, or trim your brows into a thick, but natural shape.

To maintain this look, use a brow gel with a thin brush that will help you sculpt your brows into the ideal shape.

Look below for a how-to on this popular 2018 eyebrow trend

Give Your Eyebrows Individuality

Give Your Eyebrows Individuality

The theme is simplicity and natural. Eyebrow shape is one of the most difficult makeup skills to master, and can be considered an art form. Now you can relax a little, because it’s all about finding the right fit for you. The key to good brows is shape, and every person needs something different.

Having an individual look is what grabs someone’s attention and creates a personality. Don’t bend over backwards striving for that “perfect brow.” Instead, you should be asking yourself “what kind of brow works best for me?” The year of 2018 finds us using much less filler on our brows and utilizing the natural texture. When you minimize the amount of makeup you put on your brows, the texture of the hair pops and instantly creates a more natural beauty, similar to a parisian beauty.

If you’re a bit wary about plucking your own eyebrows, book a consultation with a brow artist. A little touching up with pencil or filler may be necessary, but over-correcting in an effort to create that perfectly-symmetrical look can get you into trouble. No two brows were made alike, so slight imperfections only make your case more believable. Less is definitely more.  

If you’ve been a bit pluck-happy in the past, you’ll need some patience while your brows grow back in again.

Textured Eyebrow How-To

There are a few easy steps to take towards a well-executed textured brow:

  1. Brush the eyebrows gently upwards.
  2. Use a fine-tipped brow pencil, applying fine, feather-light strokes to create a shape. Be careful to make it seem as if it’s natural.
  3. Apply a setting gel to help it retain the shape. Not only will the gel make the eyebrows look extra thick, but will also help to maintain a uniform shape.
  4. Brush it once again.

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