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The Latest Beauty Trends You Might Not Have Heard About

2018 is almost halfway over! We’re well-into the dog days of summer, so this year’s popular trends are already establishing themselves as favorites. Some, you’ve already heard of, and probably even tried. According to Sephora PRO Chris Sams, “Inclusivity is the new standard,” and hot items like foundation lines with over 40 shades bold, or bold sweeping eyeliner are hugely popular.

But, there may be some trendy practices you may not have caught on to yet. See what you think about some of these . . .

Oils for Your Face

Oils work in your favor, not against, even when you have oily skin.

Battling through your teen years with oily skin and acne, it’s no wonder you’re a little oil-shy. No one can blame you! So when someone mentions using oil. . . .on your skin. . . .on purpose(?!) . . . .you visibly cringe and break into a shudder. But just listen up.

If you’ve at all followed skin care advances in the last few years, you’ve noticed that oils have gained favor in the skin care industry, particularly for their moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Or, should I say, regained favor. Men and women used oils thousands of years ago, and they’ve been in use in some way or another ever since.

Oils work in your favor, not against, even when you have oily skin. Natural oils will trick your oily skin into thinking it already has enough oil, shutting off sebum production. If you’re dry or blemished, it’ll help to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier. They balance, detoxify, and mattify with only a small amount, making them great for all skin types, including combination!

What you may not have heard is that oil can also be cleansing! They’ve recently risen as the most effective way to get clear, glowing, and hydrated skin. Many cleansers can strip the skin of natural oils and leave it parched, but cleansing oils get rid of impurities while preserving your natural skin moisture. And it won’t clog your pores! They actually attract the oil in your pores, thereby ridding skin of impurities, balancing your skin’s natural pH level, and thoroughly removing makeup.

Face oils have been gaining popularity through the past year as a replacement for your thick, heavy, cream moisturizer. Companies are formulating oils with choices for every skin type. When choosing your oil, “Hydration is going to be the biggest trend in skin, especially during the cold winter months,” notes Sephora PRO Chris Sams. “Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, everyone should be using a moisturizer geared toward their specific hydration needs.”

Monochromatic Eyeshadow

the newest trend is to use a single color shadow all over

Tired of spending soooo much time working on your smokey eye? Such work! That particular trend probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the newest trend is to use a single color shadow all over: your eyelid and to underline the eyes. This look is especially striking when you use bold metallics like copper, rose gold, and sheer tans. Phew! How’s that for making your routine easier? Take it a step further, and apply the idea to your whole face! Simple beauty in less than five minutes. You can’t beat that.

Blotting Wipes for Your Hair

What? Just as the popular face blotting sheets absorb oil (and dirt!) from your face mid-day, these oil blotting sheets for your scalp are designed to blot excess oil from your hair without weighing it down or adding a dull, powdery residue. These easy-to use rice paper sheets pack away right in your purse.

Facial Rolling

jade rollers are finally catching on in the west.

Used by Chinese women for centuries, jade rollers are finally catching on in the west. Benefits include minimising facial puffiness, draining lymph glands, stimulating blood flow, and maximising the penetration of any serums or skincare products you apply.

Derma rolling is supposed to be the in-home alternative to microneedling, though it seems to resemble a medieval torture device. A professional microneedling treatment begins with a topical anesthetic before skin is primed with products to stimulate collagen and a vitamin C-containing brightener. Clients are pricked with needles, often to the point of bleeding. It can be a less invasive alternative to treatments like BOTOX® and fillers, creating more supple-looking skin. It can even help to fade wrinkles and signs of aging and rid the face of acne scars and dark spots.

Derma rollers are available through outlets like Amazon. The idea is to poke tiny holes in your skin to promote collagen production and enhance product effectiveness. But don’t be so quick to jump on this bandwagon. Experts say that the current products available aren’t effective and can even cause scarring and infections. Dermatologists claim that the needles aren’t big enough to produce the proper holes into the skin, and without proper sterilization, rollers can harbor and inject bacteria and yeast. This can cause infections or breakouts and can trigger problematic skin conditions. “I’m not saying never to do it, but from what I’ve seen available now, there’s nothing that’s safe and reliable. It’s not made for home use just yet,” warns Doris Day, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

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