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Back To School Essentials

Whether that be taking classes online or starting in-person, back-to-school shopping is much needed.This can be anything from buying stationary to small, everyday, supplies. It can even be small hacks that you weren’t aware about before. Whatever the case, this is the perfect guide on your back-to-school essentials.


A planner allows you to compile your goals and tasks into a single notebook. Whether this be a digital notebook or a physical copy, it is always important to keep a planner nearby. When writing down your goals, you have a 33% increase of achieving them whereas if you did not write them down at all. Planners also allow you to feel motivated and help reduce stress. 


Although gum seems to be useless to others, it actually helps to improve studying habits and behaviors. According to a scientific study, chewing gum helps with memory and makes you more awake. Also, if you are going back to school, you may want to give gum out to your fellow classmates as they’ll remember you as a friendly companion.


You should always have a small bottle of sunscreen ready-to-go. Not only does sunscreen protect you from UV damage, but applying sunscreen will help your skin in the long-run. Even if you are not going outside for your online classes, it is beneficial to wear sunscreen indoors as there are still UV rays. MDSUN ANTIOXIDANT UV PROTECTOR SPF50 provides a light-weight and non-comedogenic formula. This is for those with sensitive to acne-prone skin and this product contains Zinc Oxide 13.75%, Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol, Emblica, CoQ10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. As Zinc Oxide helps with skin irritations, Resveratrol reduces redness.

Portable Battery Charger

This essential is for those who use their phone constantly and forget to charge it. You can either bring this device on the go or even in your room. You can also purchase a portable battery case that will work as both a case and a charger.

Hand Sanitizer

Easily the most important in a pandemic, you should always bring an extra hand sanitizer in case you are taking virtual or in-person classes. Hand sanitizer is more accessible for those who cannot find a place to wash their hands, and helps to get rid of germs and bacteria. You can purchase cute, portable hand sanitizers with different scents too. So when going back to school, please make sure to keep these essentials in mind as they will definitely help you in the long-run!


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