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Exfoliation: How to Properly Use It and How It Helps Your Skin

Some would say that the best way to achieve the healthiest glow to your skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation is a great tool to achieve beautiful skin and below are the reasons why.

Who first used the technique of exfoliation?

Everything has to start somewhere and this also stands true for the process of skin exfoliation. Surprisingly enough, exfoliating dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They were the ones who initially found that this type of practice would lead to healthier looking skin. While the Egyptians were not using cleansers in bottles like we do today, they used sand and other objects similar that they had access to.

What is exfoliation and how does it help the skin?

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from your body.

Like many types of skincare, it is best to do your research before trying it out on yourself. Skincare in and of itself is great, however a lot can go wrong in a short amount of time if you fail to pay attention to directions and details.

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from your body. You do this so that the new skin cells, which are hiding underneath are able to be on the top. This will leave your skin looking smoother and much more radiant than before. It has also been found that exfoliation does a great job at clearing out the pores on the face. It removes dirt and oil, leaving behind much clearer skin.

Many everyday facial cleansers on the market these days come with little beads inside of them that gently exfoliate the skin. Because this is not a harsh exfoliation cleanser it is fine to use it on a daily basis. However, don’t forget about the rest of your body. All the skin on your body can benefit from gentle exfoliation on a daily basis. There are several body cleansers that also contain small beads that will help to exfoliate all over the entire body.

Exfoliation can also rejuvenate the skin. During the winter the skin begins to look extremely dull. The cold weather outside mixed with the low humidity levels in the air makes for a terrible mix for the health of your skin. Lightly exfoliating in the winter can help keep your skin healthy as opposed to looking dull and worn out. Check out our other piece on some tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in the winter time here.

Another way that exfoliation helps the skin is by making it look smoother and softer. Because the exfoliating process takes away all of the flaky, dead skin cells that are on the surface of your skin is left looking much more radiant. Pairing exfoliation with moisturizing will yield the best possible results.

Don’t over exfoliate.

Over exfoliating in darker skin can lead to pigmentation issues.

Exfoliation is only beneficial in moderation. Over exfoliating in darker skin can lead to pigmentation issues. This will create lighter, patchy spots on the face and hyperpigmentation. For lighter skin, there is still dangers with over exfoliating. Too much scrubbing will end up causing irritation rather than rejuvenation. Too much exfoliation could cause your skin to not produce an adequate amount of natural oils as well. This will lead to dry or dull looking skin.

How important is exfoliation?

There is speculation in the skincare world concerning whether or not exfoliating is even necessary. This is because the body is able to shed dead skin cells naturally, without the help of any additional products. This fact can obviously lead people to believe that aiding the skin in this natural process could be pointless.

Other than the reasons listed above, one major reason that dermatologists urge people to exfoliate is because is reduces the chance of getting acne. While acne can be caused by unclean skin, this is not the only reason it forms. Clogged pores or pores getting blocked can also create acne. As we learned above, exfoliation does a great job at unclogging pores and making sure that dead skin is not sitting on the face clogging pores. The exfoliation process helps to open the pores so that the skin is able to breathe and release oils naturally.

What is a good product for face exfoliation?

MDSUN Skin Exfoliation Pads

MDSUN is a skincare brand with an impressive amount of products that have a long track record of getting results. Their Skin Exfoliation Pads are able to remove pore-clogging debris, help minimize breakouts, improve skin tone and refine skin texture. This product has a two-tier approach to exfoliation. The first layer hydrates whilst exfoliating the skin. The second tier is designed to reduce and control redness, inflammation and irritation.

The main goal of this product is to exfoliate the skin without any harsh side effects. Upon applying this product to your face there might be a slight stinging sensation. This is normal in exfoliation products. The difference between other products and this one though is that only 20 minutes after using the product your skin will begin to feel oily again.This is a process called skin barrial where your skin produces natural oils to seal in moisture.

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