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What Does Hypoallergenic Skin Care Really Mean and How Can It Benefit You?

There are many skin care products on the market being sold as hypoallergenic, but what does this really mean? One in five Americans react to at least one allergen. Because of this fact, many people are becoming more and more interested in hypoallergenic products. It is important, especially if you suffer from allergies, to know how this type of product is able to benefit you.

What does it mean when a product is labeled hypoallergenic?

A hypoallergenic product lacks many of the allergens that cause reactions and flare ups.

Simply put, when a product is labeled as hypoallergenic, it means that the manufacturer claims the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction when being used. The term, “hypoallergenic” actually stems from the makeup industry, as many common ingredients in makeup were causing irritation to users’ eyes and skin. A hypoallergenic product lacks many of the allergens that cause reactions and flare ups. These products became such a huge hit that other industries began making hypoallergenic product lines as well. Jewelry and even pets all became something that you could purchase with a hypoallergenic label.

In order for a company to determine if a skin care product is hypoallergenic they run several tests. A patch test is performed on 100-200 subjects and their skin reactions to the product are documented. Companies can spend days and even weeks gathering this information. However, because many companies have different views on what the true definition of a hypoallergenic product is, testing varies company to company. It is not regulated by the FDA, so it’s important to become educated and find a trustworthy manufacturer.

One way to combat the inconsistencies in the testing is to take a look at the ingredient list yourself. It can be easier than you might think to determine if a product is going to irritate your skin or trigger an allergic reaction. If many skincare products make your skin sting then stay away from acidic products and products that contain alcohol. If you are someone who is acne prone, stay away from isopropyl myristate and any products that have a lot of extra frills added to them, especially products with strong scents. If you are someone who suffers from itchiness and rashes then look for products that do not have cetyl alcohol or parabens.

It would be helpful to see a doctor or dermatologist concerning the allergies that you have. With the information you give to them, they will be able to give you a list of ingredients to avoid and ingredients you should be using.

Who can use hypoallergenic products?

hypoallergenic  product creates far  products are great for a variety of skin types.

It is a very common misconception that only those with significant allergies should be using hypoallergenic skin care products, but these products are great for a variety of skin types. If you suffer from a particular skin irritation or skin problem, they might be a perfect solution for you. Dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis are all skin disorders that can be helped by using a hypoallergenic skin care routine. These conditions are not caused by allergens, but using products that have heavy, irritating ingredients can worsen the condition. Also, someone who has sensitive skin but no known allergies can usually use hypoallergenic products and not have to worry about irritation.

Mothers also enjoy using hypoallergenic products on the skin of their kids. When children are young their immune systems are still forming. This means that you might not know what your child is allergic to until many years after they are born. Using hypoallergenic products makes many mothers feel safer knowing that there are far less harmful ingredients and allergens in these types of products. More and more families are developing a hypoallergenic mindset in order to keep the products they are using as safe as possible.

How can hypoallergenic products help me?

Using a hypoallergenic product creates far less chance of  experiencing  inflammation of your skin.

If you are someone who does not currently have sensitive skin, but are interested in using hypoallergenic products there are still benefits for you. Allergens in products create a higher risk for irritating the pores in your skin. Using a hypoallergenic product creates far less chance of experiencing inflammation of your skin.

It is also important to note that the skin changes in response to aging and to variations in our diets. Therefore, you might not currently suffer from sensitive skin, but it’s possible in the future. Finding hypoallergenic products that you know and trust now could be helpful.

MDSUN is a skin care brand that has pledged to only create effective, hypoallergenic products. Their clinically proven formulas are both hypoallergenic and free of synthetic preservatives and fragrances. Every one of their products is tested first independently and then by dermatologists. This means that all skin types can shop the MDSUN product line with no worries that allergic flare-ups might occur.

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