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Halloween Costumes You Need To Try With Your Best Friend

As Halloween is just around the corner, costume shopping is more popular than ever. Even though this Halloween might be different due to COVID regulations, you can still look for creative ways to dress up while practicing social distancing. That can either be wearing facial masks with your best friend or standing six feet away from others when trick or treating. Either way, dressing up is much more fun when you’re doing it with your best friend.

  1. Mean Girls

Mean Girls, a classic movie depicting what high school “mean girls” are like. You can either dress up as anyone in the clique: Cady Heron, Regina George, Karen Smith, or Gretchen Wieners. This costume is fairly simple to design; you can either take the Christmas route (where they perform a Christmas dance for the school), or a pink outfit they always wear. For the Christmas outfit, you can wear both a red skirt and shirt, black boots, and a Christmas hat. For the other outfit, you can wear any pink top with a plaid skirt.


  1. Mario and Luigi

Wherever Mario goes, Luigi follows as his trusty sidekick and brother. Mario and Luigi are the perfect best friend outfits to go in. For this iconic duo, you should wear any red or green clothing (depending on who you and your best friend want to be), a baseball cap, and blue overalls.

  1. Devil and Angel

Have you ever felt that you and your best friend were polar opposites? This costume is perfect for showing that! For the angel, you will need: a halo, any white clothing, and fluffy wings. For the devil, you will need: devil horns, anything red, and a devil tail.


  1. Purge

If you and your best friend are still looking for more exciting costumes, you should go for the Purge. Purge is a movie, where the government has “a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legal”. This causes many people to do illegal activities without any consequences. We recommend wearing any black clothing, along with facial masks to keep your identity hidden, just like the Purge.

  1. Among Us

If you and your best friend love videogames, this is the costume for you. Among Us is an action-packed game where you and your crewmates are sent to a spaceship. Together, you must find out who the “imposter” is. This costume idea is pretty versatile – you both can either be the “imposters” or just simple “crewmates.” Either way, all you need for this outfit is any color hoodie, and a facial mask to go over your hoodie.


So just remember while having fun on Halloween night, to wear facial masks and wash your face afterwards. MDSUN’s Revitalizing Cleanser works well both as a makeup and  facial cleanser. Not only does this product remove dirt and makeup, but it maintains the skin’s pH balance. The active ingredients in this cleanser are Lactic Acid, Provitamin B5, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin K2, Β- Glucan, Bulgarian Rose. One of the main ingredients, Vitamin K2, can be used to help even out wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. The other ingredient, Bulgarian Rose, assists with redness and inflammation.



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