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Halloween Events You Can’t Miss Out On

As “spooky season” is drawing closer, there are a wide variety of events that you cannot miss out on. Whether that be celebrating this holiday with your significant other or your best friend, Halloween is the perfect time of the year to have fun. Due to the recent CDC guidelines, Halloween may not appear to be as spontaneous as last year. However, with the new safe and COVID-friendly events going on, here’s a few that you need to do this year.

Pumpkin Patch

Besides the colors black and orange, pumpkins are a common element in Halloween. On one hand, you can go to your local Starbucks, which offers drinks that contain pumpkin in them. But why go to a cafe, when you can go to a pumpkin patch near you. These places offer an abundance of pumpkins you can choose from. You can either make pumpkin pies or go pumpkin carving.

Drive-Thru Movie Theater

What’s safer than going to an area that practices social distancing, while watching your favorite movie in public? You can watch the movie in your car, while eating home-made popcorn. Recently, Stranger Things (a Netflix original) announced a drive-thru movie theater, taking place in Los Angeles.


House Decorations

If you’re stuck on a Halloween night, unsure of what to do, look up some DIY Pinterest Halloween decorations. You can either go for a super simple design (paper spiders) or carve out some pumpkins. Additionally, you can put these decorations outside of your house to celebrate your Halloween spirit.


Discounted Candy

After Halloween night, most stores and shops offer sales for candy. If you have a sweet tooth, then hit the following places: Target, Amazon, CandyWareHouse, and Just Candy. You may not be trick-or-treating this year, but you’ll still be getting candy!

While you eat your goody bags filled with candy, you should make sure to be wary of skin breakouts. As junk food is seen to break most people out, you should make sure to have a good cleanser in check.

MDSUN’s Revitalizing Cleanser works well with dry and combination skin. The main ingredients in this are Lactic Acid, Provitamin B5, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin K2, Β- Glucan, Bulgarian Rose. As Lactic Acid is seen to work well to even out skin texture, glycolic acid can help hydrate the skin – perfect for those with dry skin  .


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